[behind camera], 2001



Born: ?, Hollywood, USA, as Howard Adam Wexler.

Education: Hollywood High School; University of Southern California, Division of Cinema [graduated in 1971].

Career: His father, Simon 'Sy' Wexler [1916-2005], was in the Frank Capra film unit during WW2 and ph inserts for the 'Why We Fight' series. He later helped establish a small film company, Churchill-Wexler Film Productions, in Hollywood. HW was an actor in some of the Churchill-Wexler productions at age 12, and developed an interest in still photography, darkroom work and eventually filmmaking. Ph commercials, corporate films [e.g. Pinnacle Systems - 1997; Avery Label Products] and promo's [e.g. The Picture Mill - 1996, d: Billy Nagle; Crystal Cruises - 1999; Hollywood Magic Castle - 2001; Port of Long Beach; Stewart Hot Springs; L.A. Visitors and Convention Bureau; Cybertron]. Specialized in low budget B movies and soft core movies.

Howard Wexler: 'Most of us working in the film business pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and prefer to be involved on artistic endeavours that can entertain, motivate and move audiences to new and exciting heights of adventure, storytelling, laughter and emotion, while providing a showcase for sometimes amazing audio visual experiences. However, sometimes the assignment is not necessarily high concept, not 'art house circuit', not a career move, but just a gig that calls for good work.'

'I am the DP on this shoot, 'Return to Savage Beach', produced and directed by the king of the low budget busty-babes-in-bikinis-with-bombs-and-bullets feature series, Andy Sidaris. This is my 6th film with Andy, and so I know the approximated plan for the day: as many set ups as possible shooting the least amount of film, an explosion or two, perhaps a chase on motorcycles or jet skies, love scene, shower or hot tub situation, some firecracker gagged bullet hits, and cleavage whenever possible. Andy's films are popular overseas, are consistently among the top national rentals, out performing many studio releases, and run on cable, somewhere, just about every night.' [June 1997.]


1975        Mysteries from Beyond the Earth [George Gale] c; doc/105m

1984        Malibu Express [Andy Sidaris] c; + co-ed

1986        Reform School Girls [Tom DeSimone] c

1986        Dreamaniac [David DeCoteau] c

1987        Terror Night [André de Toth & Nick Marino] c; ?; ph: John V. Fante & R. Michael Stringer

1987        Hard Ticket to Hawaii [Andy Sidaris] c; 2uc: Harmon Lougher

1987        Banzai Runner [John G. Thomas] c

1987        Big Bad Mama II [Jim Wynorski; 2ud: Linda Shayne] c; 2uc; ph: Troy Cook & Robert New

1987        Cold Steel [Dorothy Ann Puzo] c; 2uc; ph: Thomas Denove

1987        Arizona Heat [John G. Thomas] c

1987        Nightmare Sisters/Sorority Succubus Sisters [David DeCoteau] c; 2uc; ph: Voya Mikulic

1987        Halloween Night/Hack-O-Lantern/The Damning/Death Mask [Jag Mundhra] V/c; 2uc; ph: Stephen Ashley Blake

1988        Howling IV [: The Original Nightmare] [John Hough] V/c; 2u sfx; ph: Godfrey Godar

1988        The Favorite/Intimate Power [Jack Smight] c; cph: Giorgio Tonti

1988        Picasso Trigger [Andy Sidaris] c; 2uc: Harmon Lougher

1988        The Jigsaw Murders [Jag Mundhra] c

1988        Angel III [: The Final Chapter] [Tom De Simone] c

1989        Assault of the Party Nerds [Richard Gabai] V/c

1989        Savage Beach [Andy Sidaris] c

1989        Blood Nasty [Richard Gabai & Robert Strauss] c

1989        American Rampage [David DeCoteau] c

1989        Happy Together [Mel Damski] c; 2uc; ph: Joe Pennella & Charles Schnerr

199?        Domino Principle [Michael Rann] ?

199?        Pandora's Lair [Michael Rann] ?

199?        The Burgundy Room [Jaime Seibert] 16mm/?; short

199?        The Joke [Stuart Sheslow] short/?m

199?        The Killing Jar [Stephen Wyman] short/?m; prod UCLA

199?        Dream a Little Evil [Royce Mathew] 16mm/?

199?        Shakey Ground [Tony Cannella] 16mm/?

1990        Puppet Master II [Dave Allen] c; 2uc; ph: Thomas Denove; efx ph: Paul Gentry

1990        Virgin High [Richard Gabai] c: + co-prod

1990        Steel and Lace [Ernest D. Farino] c; addph; ph: Thomas Callaway

1990        Caged in Paradiso/Maximum Security [Mike Snyder] c; aph; ph: James Rosenthal

1990        Guns [Andy Sidaris] c

1990        Dead Men Don't Die [Malcolm Marmorstein] c; 2uc; ph: Tom Fraser

1991        The Dog Ate It [Steven Pearl] c; student short/28m; 2uc; ph: Scott Guthrie

1991        Deadly Diamonds [Thomas Atcheson] V/c

1991        Double Impact [Sheldon Lettich c; co-add c.op; ph: Richard H. Kline

1991        Bikini Island [Anthony Markes] c

1991        Hot Under the Collar [Richard Gabai] c

1991        Last Dance [Anthony Markes] c

1993        Double Exposure [Claudia Hoover] c; 2uc; ph: John J. Connor

1993        Die Watching [Charles Davis] c

1993        Loving Lulu [Howard Wexler] c; + prod

1993        The Dragon Gate [Mike Marvin] c

1994        Improper Conduct [Jag Mundhra] c; 2uc; ph: James Michaels

1994        Prem [Satish Kaushik] c; 2uc; ph: Baba Azmi

1994        Life 101 [Redge Mahaffey] c

1994        Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold [Fred Olen Ray] c; 2uc; ph: Gary Graver

1994        Killing for Love [Mike Kesey] c; 2uc: Humberto De Luna

1995        Midnight Tease II/Strip Show [Richard Styles] c; 2uc; ph: Gary Graver; addph 2uc: Luke Benson

1995        BLVD. [Nicholas Jungers] c

1995        Over the Wire [Fred Olen Ray] c

1995        Alone in the Woods [John Putch] c; 2uc; ph: Frank E. Johnson

1995        Storyline [Jose Velasquez] ?

1995        Davis Is Dead [Ryan Oxford] ?

1995        Danger in Paradise [Richard Mann] ?

1995        Droid Gunner/Cyberzone/Phoenix 2 [Fred Olen Ray] c; 2uc: Gary Graver

1996        Prey of the Jaguar [David DeCoteau] c

1996        Arranged Marriage [Mike Marvin] c

1996        Neon Signs [Marc Kolbe] c

1996        Baja Run [Marc Kolbe] c

1996        Leather Jacket Love Story [David DeCoteau] 16mm/b&w

1996        A Doll in the Dark [Phil Scarpaci] c

1996        The Underground [Cole McKay] c; 2uc; ph: Ken Blakey

1997        Welcome to Hollywood [Adam Rifkin & Anthony Markes] c; cph: Robert Bennett, Nick Mendoza & Kramer Morgenthau

1997        Rapid Assault [Sherman Scott = Fred Olen Ray] V/c

1997        Wish [Adam Lynton] s16/?

1997        Monsoon/Tales of the Kama Sutra 2: Monsoon [Jag Mundhra] c; 2uc; ph: Blain Brown

1997        The Journey: Absolution [David DeCoteau] c; vfx ph: Luc Nicknair

1997        The Protector [Cole McKay] c; 2uc; ph: ?

1997        [L.E.T.H.A.L. Ladies:] Return to Savage Beach [Andy Sidaris] c; uwph: David Nash

1997        Not Quite an Angel [Jerry Jacobs] 16mm/c

1997        The Exotic Time Machine [Felicia Sinclair] c

1997        The Sender [Richard Pepin] c; 2uc; ph: Mike Weaver; 3uc: Richard Pepin

1997        Modern Vampires/Revenant [Richard Elfman] c; 2uc; ph: ?; addph: Hal Trussell

1997        The Modern Adventures of Tom Sawyer [Adam Weissman] c

1997        Curse of the Puppet Master [: The Human Experiment]/Puppet Master 6 [David DeCoteau] c

1997        If... Dog... Rabbit.../One Last Score [Matthew Modine] c; co-2uc; ph: Rob Sweeney

1998        Tales from the Ackermansion [John Zack] V/c; comp film (3 seg) hosted by Forrest J. Ackerman; incl the short

                    'Caruncula' (1990/23m; d: Mariano Baino)

1998        Virtual Encounters 2 [Cybil Richards] c

1998        The Killer Eye [Richard Chasen = David DeCoteau] c; 67m

1998        Running Red [Jerry Jacobs] c; 2uc; ph: Ken Blakey

1998        Sammyville [Christopher Hatton] c

1999        Dark Nova [Mike Tristano] c

1999        Voodoo Academy [David DeCoteau] c

1999        Totem [Martin Tate = David DeCoteau] V/c; 2uc: Mike King

1999        Punch Drunk [Stefan Haves] s16-35bu/?; exp short/?m

1999        Ancient Evil: Scream of the Mummy/Bram Stoker's Legend of the Mummy 2 [David DeCoteau] p/c

1999        NewsBreak [Serge Rodnunsky] c

1999        Cumulus Nimbus [Autumn Cornwell] mdv/c; short/?m

1999        [Virtual Girl 2:] Virtual Vegas/Virtual Voyeur [Richard Gabai] 16mm/c

1999        The Last Producer/The Final Hit [Burt Reynolds] V/c; ph pick ups; ph: Nick McLean Sr.

1999        Echo[e]s of Enlightenment [Daniel J. Coplan] DigiBeta/c

200?        Scars of War [?] mdv/c; doc/?m

2000        Coffee Date [Stewart Wade] DigiBeta-to-16mm/c; short/17m; also seg of comp DVD 'Straight Men & the Men Who Love

                    Them' (6 shorts); see 2005

2000        Stageghost/Ghost Rider [Stephen Furst] DigiBeta/c

2000        The Brotherhood/I've Been Watching You [David DeCoteau] p/c

2000        Ruger: L.A. Bounty 2 [S.C. Dacy] c

2000        Diabetes for Guys: A Guy Flick/D-4-G [Stephen Furst] c; comm short/?m

2000        The Healer's Son [Paula Patterson] c

2000        Final Stab/Final Scream/Scream 4 [David DeCoteau] p/c

2000        Spiders II [Sam Firstenberg] c; 2uc; ph: Peter Belcher & Plamen Somov

2001        Legacies [Christiane Covington] 16mm/c; short/33m

2001        The Brotherhood 2: Young Warlocks [David DeCoteau] p/c

2001        Sunstorm [Mike Marvin] c; 2uc; ph: Steven Shaw

2001        In Vein [?] 16mm/b&w; short/?m

2001        Gone for a Week [Erik Reo] c; short/10m; 2uc: Anthony Holmes

2001        Emmanuelle 2001: Emmanuelle's Sensual Pleasures [Fred Olen Ray] c

2001        [Penis] Envy [Gloria Christal] c; 2uc: Christopher Butler; addph: Larra Anderson

2001        Black Hole [Jorgo Ognenovski & John Milton Branton] DVcam/c

2001        Sex and the Teenage Mind/Virgil [Don Gold] c

2001        Physical Therapy [Gloria Christal] DVcam/c

2002        The Real Deal [Tom Burruss] c

2002        Talking In Your Sleep [Danica McKellar] dv/c; short/?m

2002        Killing Time [Gloria Christal] mdv/c

2002        Accidental Stripper [Woquine Adams] s16/c

2002        Sapphire Girls [Joe Navilluso] s16/c

2002        Senator Plato [Jeremy Lelliott] ?; student short/?m

2002        Mike's Kids [Chris Paulick] ?; trailer for feature film/?m

2003        Fire in the Sky [Wade Rupp] b&w/c

2003        Visions of Passion [Randall St. George] V/c

2003        Sex Sells: The Making of Touché [Jonathan Liebert] HD/c

2003        Johnny Morran [John Ireland] HD/c

2003        Voyeur: Inside Out [Webb Serling] V/c

2003        Model Lust/The New Girl [Frederick Morehouse] V/c; 2nd ph: Gary Graver (as Akdov Telming)

2003        Out of Control [Apurva Asrani & Ramanjit Juneja] c; ph reshoots USA; ph: Neelabh Kaul

2003        Wild Spirit [C.B. Tilden] V/c

2004        Lessons in Love [Raven Gregory] V/c

2004        Charles Conrad [Leo Grillo] ?; doc/?m

2004        A Look Into 'The Forbidden Zone' [Derrick Scocchera] c; doc/36m

2004        The Toy Factory [Rex Mundo] c

2005        Coffee Date [the Movie] [Stewart Wade] dv/c; full-length version of short film (see 2000)

2005        The Thirst [Tom Shell & Jeremy Kasten] dv/c; cph: Raymond Stella

2006        Conflict/Another Way [John Ireland] p/c; project


1979        Mark Twain: Beneath the Laughter [Larry Yust] special/58m for PBS-tv

1986        J. Edgar Hoover [Robert E. Collins] tvm; 2uc; ph: Timothy Suhrstedt

1987        Ralph S. Mouse [Thomas G. Smith] ep ABC-tv children's series 'Weekend Special' (1990)

199?        Young and Old [?] ep of PBS-tv 'Freestyle'-series

199?        Phases of Civilization [?] pilot for PBS-tv

1992        Komedy U [David Bergman] comedy special/?m

1993        Commander Toad in Space [John Matthews] live action ph; ep (26m) ABC-tv children's series 'Weekend Special'

1994        Irresistible Impulse [Jag Mundhra] tvm

1995        Maui Heat [: Swimsuit Edition] [Mike Marvin] tvm; 2uc: Don King

1996        The Last Charge of the Rhino [?] doc/60m; ph Texas loc; ph: Reuben Aaronson & Franz Camenzind; ep of series 'World

                    of Discovery'

1996        Saturday Morning Preview Party [Willard Carroll] special/30m; preview of ABC-tv Saturday morning children's

                    programming for 1996-97

1996        Bone Chillers [Adam Rifkin, Richard Elfman, Christopher Copolla, Valerie Breiman & Willard Carroll] 12-part series, 1996

1996        Chariots of the Gods? The Mysteries Continue [?] series; ph host (Richard Karn) intros; other ph: Dennis Boni

1998        Romeo and Juliet [Colin Cox] special/60m/16mm

1998        Caravans West [?] pilot

1998        Desirable Liaisons [Gary Graver] series

1998        Alien Arsenal [Julian Breen = David DeCoteau] tvm

1998        Spirit Chronicles [Evan C. Kim] pilot/s16

1999        [email protected] [Annette Surfer] tvm; part of Cinemax' 'Scandal'-series

1999        Erotic Possessions [William Wildest] tvm; ep of 'Sex Files'-series

1999        Sex-Files II/Scandals/Emmanuelle 2000 [ep 'Ancient Desires', 'Perfect Man''Sun Sex Blvd.' & 'The Big Turn On']

                    ?-part series/16mm; ph in May 1999 & May 2000

2000        Lawful Entry [F. Lee Cochran] tvm; part of Cinemax' 'Scandal'-series

2000        Body of Love [Peter Diamond] tvm; part of Cinemax' 'Scandal'-series

2001        Dawn of Our Nation [ep 'The First Day', etc. dir by Michael W. Leighton] ?-part series/DigiBeta

2002        Hope Ranch [Rex Piano] tvm/s16; 2uc: Houman Forough

2004        American Black Beauty [Richard Gabai] tvm/dv