Born: 31 October 1945, London, UK, as Barry Ewart Stone.

Education: University of Toronto [Architecture].

Career: 'When I was young, I did a bunch of things. I studied architecture. I was a dancer. My parents were in the theatre. A cinematographer made a film of me dancing, and five years later we ended up living on the same street in Toronto. He asked if I could play a character in a film he was making. I ended up playing the character, writing the music, and helping with the camera. He got me a job as clapper/loader on a feature that he was shooting. I was in my 30s at this point. I was a camera assistant for about six years. Then I went and bought an old ARRI BL camera and started shooting.' [From KODAK Canada website.]

Over the last 25 years Barry Stone has worked in all aspects of theatre, film and television. He has professional credits as an actor, composer and dir in the theatre, and as a prod, dir, writer, composer, actor, doph and editor in film and television. Through his company, Stone Film Inc. [Toronto], he has prod, dir and ed several half-hours for television, as well as numerous commercials and industrial films. His music company, Zap Video, prod music videos for a: Murray McLaughlan, The Barenaked Ladies and The Tragically Hip.

Ph commercials dir by David Hackl [for Kraft, General Mills], a.o. In 2000 Stone Film created and designed the opening credits and bumpers for the 6-part tv-series 'Jake and Jill'.

Awards: As doph: CSC Award [1993] & 'Genie' Award nom [1993] for 'Paris, France'; 'Genie' Award nom [1996] for 'Rude'; CSC Award Best Industrial Cinematography [?] for 'A Better Way'; CSC Award Best Industrial Cinematography [1995] for 'Legacy Jones'; ITVA 'Golden Maple' Award [?] for 'Below the Gumline'.

As prod: ITVA Canada Production Achievement Award [1992] for 'All Ways Welcome'.

Website: Barry Stone

Barry Stone: 'An important aspect of the cinematographer's job is time management and crew management. I think the lighting part of the job isn't as difficult as people sometimes make it out. It's an art, but if you have a good eye, I think you can see how light works. Every time I walk down the street I'm watching how the lights falls. That's part of my nature, I don't even really think about lighting. When I come to a situation, it's usually obvious to me how it should be lit. The hardest part, especially on low-budget films - which I've done a lot of - is how can I get the best production values? How can I get the most for the dollars and the time that is available?' [From KODAK Canada website.]


1980        Bike Busters [?] ?; cph: Mark Irwin & John Walker

1987        Replanting the Tree of Life [David Leach] c; doc/21m; cph: D. Leach & Richard A. Stringer

1987        Fireballs [Charles Weiner] c

1988        Strand: Under the Dark Cloth [John Walker] b&w-c; doc/81m; cph: J. Walker, Dyanna Taylor & William Reeves

1988        The Understudy: Graveyard Shift II [Jerry Ciccoritti] c

1990        The Shaman's Source/Avenging Warriors [Robert Bouvier] c; addph: Mark Mackay

1990        The Famine Within [Katherine Gilday] 16mm/c; doc/90m; ph main title seq; ph: Joan Hutton

1993        Paris, France [Jerry Ciccoritti] b&w-c

1994        Rude/Rude Boy [Clément Virgo] c

1995        Cosmic Voyage [Bayley Silleck] IMAX/c; doc/36m; co-2uc; ph: Ernest McNabb, Noel Archambault & Timothy Housel

1996        Leather Wings [Peter McCubbin] c; + assoc prod

1996        Dream with the Fishes [Finn Taylor] c; 2uc San Francisco: Paul Kalbach

1996        Pale Saints [Joel Wyner] c

1997        The Cellar [Kevin Schjerning] c; short/23m; 2uc: Thom Best

1997        Dumbarton Bridge [Charles Koppelman] c

1998        A Glance Away [Brin Hill] c; short/42m

1999        Full Disclosure/All the Fine Lines [John Bradshaw] c

1999        The Perfect Son/A Perfect Son/Secret de famille [Leonard Farlinger] c

2000        Love Come Down [Clément Virgo] scheduled as doph (schedule conflicts); film was ph by Dylan MacLeod

2000        Clean Rite Cowboy [Michael Downing] c; short/21m

2001        Crossing/Dress to Kill [Roger Evan Larry] scheduled as doph, but film was ph by Kamal Derkaoui (released in 2007)

2001        Triggermen [John Bradshaw] c

2001        Cherish [Finn Taylor] c; 2uc: Patrick Loungway & Vance Piper; addph: Nancy Ellen Jones

2001        OCD: The War Inside [Mark Pancer & David Hoffert] c; doc/71m; addph: Michael Ellis, Joan Hutton & D. Hoffert

2001        Why Don't You Dance? [Michael Downing] c; short/16m

2002        Imprint [Eric Holter] c

2002        Tweek City [Eric G. Johnson] s16-35bu/c

2002        Save It for Later/Water Under the Bridge [Clark Brigham] c

2002        Hollywood North [Peter O'Brian] c

2002        Confessions [John Sideropoulos] 16mm/c; short/?m

2003        Mouth to Mouth [Alison Murray] 16mm-35bu/c

2003        Life at Bay [Susan Stuart] c; short/20m; 2uc: Tony Belko

2004        Lie with Me [Clément Virgo] s16-35bu/c

2004        Youthanasia [Greg & Mark Runnels] s16/c

2005        Short Tongue Freddy [Kevin Schjerning] c; short/25m

2005        Valentine's Day Special [Eric Sullivan] some scenes were shot in June; status unknown

2005        Her Best Move [Norm Hunter] 16mm/c; addph; ph: Paul Ryan

2005        The Stories [William Farley] c; short/5m

2006        Soledad Is Gone Forever [Mabel Valdiviezo] c; short/14m; a feature length version is planned

2006        Unusual Journey [Prav Potu] c; short/31m

2007        The Dollhouse [C. Mark DeGaetani] c; short/26m; + co-prod

2007        Next Round [Sunny Menon] s16/c; short/31m

2007        The Rendezvous [Curt Truninger] HD-to-35mm scope/c

2007        S.N.A.F.U. [Toby Lawrence] s16/c; short/5m

2008        Chaw [Jeong-won Shin] HD-to-35mm/c

With wife/prod Kim Webster - "Sniff: The Dog Movie"

2008        Sniff: The Dog Movie [Barry Stone] HD/c; feature with doc seq/87m; cph: Frazer Bradshaw; 2uc (London): Ian Clark;

                    filmed 2008-09; + co-prod/scrpl/co-ed

2009        Mansfield Path [Sam Benavides] s16/c; short/39m

2010        Con alas pintadas [C. Mark DeGaetani] announced


1981        Rumours of Glory [Martin Lavut] doc/81m/16mm; cph: Henri Fiks, Robert Fresco, René Ohashi & Vic Sarin

1985        Ladybear/Lady Bear/Assignment KGB [Peter McCubbin] tvm

1987        Diamonds [Patrick Corbett] 44-part series, 1987-89

1987        T. and T. [various] 65-part series, 1988-90

1990        Counterstrike [Robin Davis & William Fruet] 66-part series, 1990-93

1993        Christmas Reunion [David Hemmings] tvm

1994        The Composer's Specials [ep/53m 'Bizet's Dream' dir by David Devine] 6-part series; other ph: David Perrault, Rick

                    Maguire & Sean Valentini

1995        Net Worth [Jerry Ciccoritti] tvm

1995        Straight Up [Jerry Ciccoritti] 13-part series

1997        White Lies [Kari Skogland] tvm

1999        Cover Me [part #1 dir by Stacey Stewart Curtis] 3-part miniseries; parts 2 & 3 dir by Marc F. Voizard and ph by Barry Bergthorson

2001        Offspring [: One Man's Search for Family] [Barry Stevens] doc/55m; ep of CBC-tv doc series 'Witness'; UK ph: Colin Clarke

2001        Ralph Ellison: An American Journey [Avon Kirkland & Elise Robertson (dram scenes 'The Invisible Man')] doc + dram

                    seq/87m/DigiBeta for PBS-tv series 'American Masters'; ph dram scenes; doc ph: Robert Shepard & Henry Adebonojo

2003        In the Dark [Leonard Farlinger] tvm

2005        Roma Sub Rosa: The Secret Under the Rose [Michael Fischa] tvm/26m

2006        [Island Heat 2:] Vanished [Michael Switzer] tvm

2006        [Island Heat 3:] Break-In [Michael Nankin] tvm

2007        Wrongly Convicted [Peter Thurling] pilot


197?        The Mourner [?; short] lead role; ph: ?

1978        Fields of Endless Day [Terrence McCartney Filgate; doc] c.asst; ph: Dennis Mills & Ron Watts

1979        Prom Night [Paul Lynch] focus puller; ph: Robert New

1983        Copper Mountain [: A Club Med Experience]/Club Med [David Mitchell] co-c.op 2u; ph: Alar Kivilo; + small part

1985        Recruits [Rafal Zielinski] co-c.op 2u; ph: Peter Czerski

1990        Murder Blues/Dead Certain [Anders Palm] c.op 2u; ph: John de Borman

1996        Romantic Undertaking [Peter McCubbin; tvm] small part; ph: N. 'Kuri' Kurita


1980        Dog [doc/5m] ph: ?

1983        Peddlers [doc/5m] ph: ?

1990        All Ways Welcome/Toutes portes ouvertes [comm educational doc/20m]

1996        Trailmix [doc for The Discovery Channel]

1999        Renford Rejects [4 ep of 52-part tv-series, 1998-2001] ph: Pierre Boffety (?)

199?        Below the Gumline [doc; + ph]

2008        Sniff: The Dog Movie [feature/doc; + co-prod/scrpl/cph/co-ed] see Films