[Left] with dir Alice Stone

"Expired" [2000]


Born: ?, as Daniel J. Stoloff.

Education: Ithaca College, Cinema and Photography Department, Ithaca, N.Y.

Career: Started as doc ph in Boston. Moved to New York in 1989.

Ph commercials dir by Jim Jenkins [for eBay], Young Kim [for Adidas], Hank Perlman [for Adidas], Charlie McNamara, a.o. Ph music videos.

Appeared in the doc 'The Making of 'Miracle'' [2003].

Awards: Hamptons IFF Cinematography Award [2003] for 'Screen Door Jesus'.

Website: Dan Stoloff


1991        Jack and His Friends [Bruce Ornstein] c

1994        Odd Globular Beings [Markku Nordstrom] c; short/31m

1998        Tumbleweeds [Gavin O'Connor] c

1999        Game Day [Steven Klein] c

2000        Expired [Alice Stone] s16-35bu/c; short/11m

2000        Witness [Monika Mitchell] c; short/10m

2002        Room 32 [Victoria Larimore] c; short/9m

2002        Screen Door Jesus [Kirk Davis] HD-to-35mm/c

2003        Miracle [Gavin O'Connor] p/c; cph: Philip Linzey

2004        Mini's First Time [Nick Guthe] c

2005        Wedding Daze/The Next Girl I See/Blind Wedding/The Pleasure of Your Company [Michael Ian Black] c

2006        The Final Season [David Mickey Evans] s35/c

2007        College [Deb Hagan] c

2007        Childless [Charlie Levi] DVCPRO HD/c

2008        The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations [Seth Grossman] HD-to-35mm/c

2008        Redman [Zack Resnicoff] HD/c; short/3m23sec; cph: Z. Resnicoff; for SAB Miller Beer

2009        Cougar Hunting [Robin Blazak] RED/c

2009        The Chase [Zack Resnicoff] b&w-c; short/3m38sec; for DKNY Jeans

2010        6 Month Rule [Blayne Weaver] c

2010        Queens of Country [Ryan Page & Christopher Pomerenke] c

2010        Vamperifica [Bruce Ornstein] c

2010        Keys to the Kingdom [Paige DePonte] pre-production


1988        The World's Greatest Stunts: A Tribute to Hollywood's Stuntmen [William Kronick] doc special (interviews + film clips)/60m

1992        Great Performances' 20th Anniversary Special [Ernest Dickerson, Paul Bogart, Twyla Tharp, a.o.] special/90m for

                    PBS-tv series 'Great Performances'; ph seg 'Zoetrope'; other ph: Ernest Dickerson, Bobby Bukowski, a.o.

1994        The State [6 ep dir by various] 29-part sketch comedy series for MTV, 1994-95; 3rd season, 1995; cph (film): Joaquin

                    Baca-Asay & Peter Donahue

1998        ABC Soaps' Most Unforgettable Love Stories [Kathie Farrell & Nancy Stern] special/60m; ph opening seg; ph: Jeff

                    Christian, Peter Franchella & Jim Grieco

2001        The Vagina Monologues [Eve Ensler] special/75m for HBO-tv; cph: William Rexer

2001        Murphy's Dozen [Gavin O'Connor] pilot

2005        The Prince [Gavin O'Connor] pilot

2008        Labor Pains [Lara Shapiro] tvm/RED