With doph Richard Crudo [right]



Born: ?, Honolulu, Hawaii, as Christopher Squires.

Education: Film Department of Stanford University.

Career: Ph commercials and music videos.


1985        A Hero of Our Time [Michael Almereyda] b&w; short/28m; addph; ph: Klaus Thulin & Amir Mokri

1987        Miracle Mile [Steve De Jarnatt] c; co-2uc (+ co-steadicam op); ph: Theo van de Sande

1988        Nam Angels [Cirio H. Santiago] c; cph: Ricardo Remias

1988        Twister [Michael Almereyda] c; 2uc; ph: Renato Berta

1988        Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat [Anthony Hickox] p/c; co-2uc + co-c.op; ph: Levie Isaacks

1989        To the Moon, Alice [Jessie Nelson] tvm/33m; 2uc: Michael Hofstein, Lee Redmond, Haskell Wexler & Robert Richardson;

                    + steadicam op

1990        Guns: A Day in the Death of America [Malcolm Clarke & Lorenz Knauer] tv-doc/60m; cph: Michael Spiller; ep HBO-tv

                    doc series 'America Undercover'

1993        Odile & Yvette at the Edge of the World [André Burke] c

1994        On Hope [JoBeth Williams] tvm/34m; ep of Showtime-tv series 'Directed By'

1994        Karanlik Sular/The Serpent's Tale [E. Kutlug Ataman] c

1994        Hoggs' Heaven [Michael Taav] tvm/?m

1994        The Tie That Binds [Wesley Strick] c; 2uc + steadicam op; ph: Bobby Bukowski

1995        True Crime/Dangerous Kiss/True Detective [Pat Verducci] c; 2uc: Gary Tieche

1997        Lola + Bilidikid/Lola and Billy the Kid [E. Kutlug Ataman] c

2000        Old Love/Späte Liebe [Jan Schütte] s16-35bu/c; short/25m

2000        The Breed [Michael Oblowitz] c; 2uc: Michael F. Barrow

2001        On Edge [Karl Slovin] c

2002        Being Vincent [Noah Hawley] c

2002        The Kiss [Gorman Bechard] V/c

2002        Petra [Louis Paul Tocchet] c; short/14m

2004        East of Sunset/A Bitter Pill [Brian McNelis] c

2004        You Are Alone [Gorman Bechard] scheduled as ph, but film was ph by Kenneth Wilson II

2005        Something's Wrong in Kansas [Louis Paul Tocchet] c

2005        Sixth Street Bridge [Una Damon] c; short/11m

2006        The Second Greatest Story Ever Told [Gorman Bechard] pre-production; status unknown


1977        The Promise [Gilbert Cates] co-c.asst; ph: Ralph Woolsey

1979        The Hunter [Buzz Kulik] 2nd c.asst; ph: Fred J. Koenekamp

1980        Chu Chu and the Philly Flash [David Lowell Rich] 2nd c.asst; ph: Victor J. Kemper

1980        First Monday in October [Ronald Neame] co-c.asst; ph: Fred Koenekamp

1982        The Right Stuff [Philip Kaufman] 2nd c.asst; ph: Caleb Deschanel

1983        Purple Rain [Albert Magnoli] co-c.asst; ph: Donald E. Thorin

1986        American Anthem/Take It Easy [Albert Magnoli] 2nd c.op; ph: Donald E. Thorin

1986        Dreams of Gold: The Mel Fisher Story [James Goldstone; tvm] c.op; ph: Eric van Haren Noman

1987        The Couch Trip [Michael Ritchie] co-c.op; ph: Donald E. Thorin

1987        Shy People [Andrei Konchalovsky] co-c.op; ph: Chris Menges

1987        [John Carpenter's] Prince of Darkness [John Carpenter] 2nd c.op + panaglide op; ph: Gary Kibbe

1987        18 Again! [Paul Flaherty] steadicam op; ph: Stephen M. Katz

1987        Miracle Mile [Steve De Jarnatt] co-steadicam op (+ co-2uc); ph: Theo van de Sande

1988        Blind Fury [Phillip Noyce] steadicam op; ph: Don Burgess

1988        Split Decisions/Kid Gloves [David Drury] co-steadicam op; ph: Timothy Suhrstedt

1988        The Last of the Finest/Blue Heat/Street Legal [John Mackenzie] co-c.op; ph: Juan Ruiz-Anchía

1989        The Two Jakes [Jack Nicholson] co-steadicam op; ph: Vilmos Zsigmond

1989        Breaking Point [Peter Markle; tvm] c.op; ph: Don Burgess

1990        Misery [Rob Reiner] add c.op; ph: Barry Sonnenfeld

1990        The Marrying Man/Too Hot to Handle [Jerry Rees] co-c.op; ph: Donald Thorin

1991        The Addams Family [Barry Sonnenfeld] co-c.op; ph: Owen Roizman

1991        My Girl [Howard Zieff] c.op; ph: Paul Elliott

1991        Batman Returns [Tim Burton] 2u c.op; 2uc: Don Burgess; ph: Stefan Czapsky

1991        Death Becomes Her [Robert Zemeckis] 2u c.op; 2uc: Don Burgess; ph: Dean Cundey

1992        Noises Off... [Peter Bogdanovich] co-c.op; ph: Timothy Suhrstedt

1992        Mo' Money [Peter MacDonald] c.op; ph: Don Burgess

1992        Oedipus Rex [Julie Taymor; opera] steadicam op; ph: Bobby Bukowski

1992        Street Knight [Albert Magnoli] steadicam op; ph: Yasha Sklansky

1992        And the Band Played On [Roger Spottiswoode; tvm] c.op; ph: Paul Elliott & Paul Ryan (San Francisco)

1993        Gypsy [Emile Ardolino; tvm] steadicam op; ph: Ralf Bode

1993        Josh and S.A.M. [Billy Weber] c.op; ph: Don Burgess

1993        Holy Matrimony [Leonard Nimoy] co-steadicam op; ph: Bobby Bukowski

1993        Forrest Gump [Robert Zemeckis] c.op; ph: Don Burgess

1993        The Air Up There [Paul M. Glaser] c.op + steadicam op; ph: Dick Pope

1994        The Usual Suspects [Bryan Singer] co-steadicam op; ph: Newton Thomas Sigel

1994        Copycat [Jon Amiel] co-c.op; ph: László Kovács

1995        The Net [Irwin Winkler] co-c.op + steadicam op; ph: Jack N. Green

1995        [The Adventures of] Tom and Huck/Tom Sawyer [Peter Hewitt] ?; ph: Bobby Bukowski

1995        [Roald Dahl's] Matilda [Danny De Vito] steadicam op; ph: Stefan Czapsky

1995        The Late Shift [Betty Thomas; tvm] steadicam op; ph: Mac Ahlberg

1995        Dangerous Minds [John N. Smith] c.op; ph: Pierre Letarte

1995        Multiplicity [Harold Ramis] co-c.op; ph: László Kovács

1996        Metro [Thomas Carter] co-c.op 'a' cam; ph: Fred Murphy

1996        Mimic [Guillermo del Toro] steadicam op Los Angeles; ph: Dan Laustsen

1996        [John Carpenter's] Escape from L.A. [John Carpenter] co-c.op; ph: Gary Kibbe

1996        Mad City [Costa-Gavras] c.op + steadicam op; ph: Patrick Blossier

1997        Paulie [A Parrot's Tale] [John Roberts] co-c.op 'a' cam; ph: Tony Pierce-Roberts

1997        The End of Violence [Wim Wenders] steadicam op; ph: Pascal Rabaud

1998        The Thirteenth Floor/Abwärts in die Zukunft/The 13th Floor - Bist du was du denkst [Josef Rusnak] c.op 'a' 

                    cam + steadicam op; ph: Wedigo von Schultzendorff

1998        Jack Frost/Frost [Troy Miller] 2u steadicam op; ph: László Kovács

1998        Forces of Nature [Bronwen Hughes] steadicam op; ph: Elliot Davis & David Stockton

1999        That Championship Season [Paul Sorvino; tvm] co-c.op; ph: Bruce Surtees

1999        The Beach Boys: An American Family [Jeff Bleckner; tvm] c.op + steadicam op; ph: Brian J. Reynolds

1999        If These Walls Could Talk 2 [seg '1961' dir by Jane Anderson; tvm] c.op + steadicam op; ph: Paul Elliott

1999        Delivering Milo [Nick Castle] co-c.op; ph: Willy Kurant

2001        Enough [Michael Apted] c.op 'a' cam; ph: Rogier Stoffers

2001        Life as a House [Irwin Winkler] c.op 'b' cam + steadicam op; ph: Vilmos Zsigmond

2001        The Glass House [Daniel Sackheim] c.op 'b' cam + steadicam op; ph: Alar Kivilo

2002        Timeline [Richard Donner] c.op 'b' cam Los Angeles + steadicam op L.A.; ph: Caleb Deschanel

2002        Prey for Rock & Roll [Alex Steyermark] co-steadicam op; ph: Antonio Calvache

2002        Jersey Girl [Kevin Smith] steadicam op Los Angeles; ph: Vilmos Zsigmond

2002        Iron Jawed Angels [Katja von Garnier; tvm] c.op + steadicam op; ph: Robbie Greenberg

2002        Looney Tunes: Back in Action [Joe Dante] co-c.op 2u; 2uc: Patrick Loungway & Mark Vargo; ph: Dean Cundey

2003        13 Going On 30 [Gary Winick] co-c.op + steadicam op; ph: Don Burgess

2003        I Heart Huckabees/I Love Huckabees [David O. Russell] steadicam op; ph: Peter Deming

2003        Silver City [John Sayles] c.op + steadicam op; ph: Haskell Wexler

2004        Christmas with the Kranks [Joe Roth (replaced Hugh Wilson)] c.op 'a' cam + steadicam op; ph: Don Burgess

2004        XXX: State of the Union [Lee Tamahori (replaced Rob Cohen)] c.op 'a' cam + steadicam op; ph: David Tattersall