Born: 1 August 1961, New Jersey, USA, as Michael A. Spiller, and raised in Brooklyn, NYC.

Education: Purchase College of the State University of New York [SUNY] [BFA in Film, 1984].

Career: Met dir Hal Hartley during his study at SUNY. Ph music videos [a: Sonic Youth, Smashing Pumpkins, Nitzer Ebb, a.o.], commercials [dir by Michael Patrick Jann, Errol Morris, Jesse Peretz, Robert Jasen, a.o.] and doc's for HBO, PBS-tv and BBC-tv. Also active as director. Member of the ICG600.


1984        Kid [Hal Hartley] 16mm/c; short/33m; prod SUNY

1985        Tommy's [Barry Ellsworth] ?

1985        No Picnic [Philip Hartman] 16mm/b&w; 2uc; ph: Peter Hutton

1986        The Cartographer's Girlfriend [Hal Hartley] 16mm/c; short/29m

1988        The Unbelievable Truth [Hal Hartley] c; shot in 11 days

1988        Revolution! [Jeff Kahn] 16mm/b&w-c

1989        Wadeck's Mother's Friend's Son [Arnold Barkus] 16mm-35bu/b&w; addph: Greg Watkins & Laetitia Merson

1989        Charles Mingus: Triumph of the Underdog [Don McGlynn] v/b&w-c; doc/78m; prod finished in 1997

1990        Trust [Hal Hartley] c

1990        Life in the Food Chain/Age Isn't Everything [Douglas Katz] c

1990        The Dark Half [George A. Romero] c; co-2uc (+ add c.op); ph: Tony Pierce-Roberts

1991        Theory of Achievement [Hal Hartley] 16mm/c; short/18m

1991        Ambition [Hal Hartley] 16mm/c; short/9m

1991        Angry [Nicole Holofcener] 16mm/c; short/5m

1991        Simple Men [Hal Hartley] c

1992        Household Saints [Nancy Savoca] c; co-addph; ph: Bobby Bukowski

1993        Flirt [Hal Hartley] c; addph New York: Mara Catalan; Berlin seq filmed September 1994 & Tokyo seq filmed March 95

1993        Hand Gun [Whitney Ransick] c

1993        Amateur [Hal Hartley] c

1994        Opera No. 1 [Hal Hartley] c; short/8m

1994        Search and Destroy/The Four Rules [David Salle] c; cph: Bobby Bukowski; 2uc: Joe DeSalvo

1995        Walking and Talking [Nicole Holofcener] c

1995        Phinehas [Fisher Stevens] c; short/18m; also seg of comp 'Four Tales of Two Cities', 1996

1996        Final Judgement: The Execution of Antonio James [Jonathan Stack & Elizabeth Garbus] c; doc/60m; cph: Bob Perrin;

                    addph: Alejandro Smith; premiered on Discovery Channel

1996        Not Nude Though: A Portrait of Rudy Burckhardt [Doris Kornish] c; doc/88m; cph: Gary Steele & Joel Schlemowitz

1996        The House of Yes [Mark Waters] c

1996        Niagara Niagara [Bob Gosse] c

1997        Hell's Kitchen [Tony Cinciripini] c; addph: Derek Wiesehahn; replaced doph Tom Richmond

1997        Henry Fool [Hal Hartley] c

1997        Chinese Coffee [Al Pacino] c; co-addph; ph: Frank Prinzi; prod started in May 1997 and filming continued in between

                    other film commitments of the dir; premiered in Sep 2000

1998        Drop Dead Gorgeous [Michael Patrick Jann] c

1998        Instrument [Jem Cohen] 16mm+s8+v-to-v/b&w-c; mus doc/115m; ph add footage; ph: Jem Cohen

1999        Company Man [Peter Askin & Douglas McGrath] c; addph; ph: Russell Boyd

2000        No Such Thing/Monster [Hal Hartley] p/c


1990        Guns: A Day in the Death of America [Malcolm Clarke & Lorenz Knauer] doc/60m; cph: Chris Squires; addph: Peter

                    Schnall & Jeremy Stavenhagen; ep HBO-tv doc series 'America Undercover'

1990        Stood Up! [Aviva Slesin] tvm/60m; an ABC-tv 'Afterschool Special'

1991        Surviving Desire [Hal Hartley] tvm/57m/16mm; ep PBS-tv series 'American Playhouse'

1991        Fishing with John [John Lurie] 6-part series; ph ep #4, 5 & 6; other ph: James Nares, Tom Krueger (#3, 5 & 6), a.o.

1992        Punch and Judy Get Divorced [David Gordon & Mark Pellington] tvm/30m

1992        Lincoln and the War Within [Calvin Skaggs] tvm

1992        The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money & Power [Stephanie Tepper, Maxine Baker, a.o.] 8-part doc series for

                    PBS-tv; cph: Robert Hanna, Gerry Pinches, Tim Pollard, a.o.

1992        Real Sex 5 [Christian Blackwood, Patti Kaplan & Jonathan David] doc/60m; cph: Dyanna Taylor & Jean de Segonzac; ep

                    HBO-tv series 'Real Sex'

1993        The Adventures of Pete & Pete [various] 34-part series/s16, 1993-96; 1st season, 1993-94

1994        The Adventures of Pete & Pete [various] 2nd season, 1994-95; other ph: John Hazard & John Inwood; see 1993

1994        American Cinema [ep #1 'The Hollywood Style' dir by Lawrence Pitkethly, #2 'The Star' dir by LP & #7 'Film in the

                    Television Age' dir by Alain Klarer] 10-part doc PBS-tv series, 1995/b&w-c; cph: Ellen Kuras (#1 & #7), Dyanna Taylor

                    (#1), Maryse Alberti (#2), Peter Pilafian (#2), Nancy Schreiber (#7), Stephen Kazmierski (#7), a.o.

1996        Real Sex 15 [Patti Kaplan, Barry Shils & Helena Solberg] doc/60m; cph: Reuben Aaronson, Tomasz Magierski, a.o.; ep

                    HBO-tv series 'Real Sex'

1996        The Telephone [Kirk Simon & Karen Goodman] doc/b&w-c/60m; co-addph; ph: Buddy Squires; ep PBS-tv doc series

                    'American Experience'

1996        Real Sex 16 [Shari Cookson, Patti Kaplan, Barry Shils & Aviva Slesin] doc/50m; cph: Sandra Chandler, a.o.; ep HBO-tv

                    series 'Real Sex'

1996        The VH1 Fashion Awards [seg 'Jane Black' dir by Pam Thomas] special/120m; other ph: Clyde Smith & Jeff Muhlstock

1997        Dragtime [Patti Kaplan] doc/75m; cph: Maryse Alberti, Ken Ross, a.o.; aph: Brad Shapiro; ep HBO-tv series 'America


1997        Significant Others [various] 6-part (3 unaired) series, 1998

1998        Sex and the City [4 ep dir by various] 94-part series, 1998-2004/s16; 1st season, 1998 (12 ep); other ph: Maryse

                    Alberti, Michael Barrow & Stuart Dryburgh (pilot)

1998        Alexander Calder [Roger M. Sherman (RMS)] doc/60m; cph: Buddy Squires, RMS, Terry Hopkins, a.o.; ep PBS-tv series

                    'American Masters'

1999        Sex and the City [10 ep dir by various] 2nd season, 1999 (18 ep); other ph: John Thomas; see 1998

2000        Sex and the City [6 ep dir by various] 3rd season, 2000 (18 ep); other ph: Michael Marzovilla & John Thomas; see 1998

2001        Sex and the City [6 ep dir by various] 4th season, 2001-02 (18 ep); other ph: Michael Marzovilla, Alik Sakharov & John

                    Thomas; see 1998

2004        No Direction Home: Bob Dylan [Martin Scorsese] 2-part mus doc/b&w-c/205m; cph: Oliver Bokelberg, Anghel Decca,

                    Ellen Kuras, Lisa Rinzler, Maryse Alberti, a.o.; in USA ep PBS-tv series 'American Masters' (2005)

MUSIC VIDEOS [Selection]

1993        From a Motel 6 [a: Yo La Tengo; d: Hal Hartley]

1993        Iris [a: Breeders; d: Hal Hartley]

1993        The Only Living Boy in New York [a: Everything But a Girl; d: Hal Hartley]

1996        Boom n' Bust [a: Masatoshi Nagase; d: Hal Hartley]

1996        Walking Wounded [a: Everything But the Girl; d: Hal Hartley]


1999        Sex and the City [ep #25 'Games People Play'] 94-part series, 1998-2004/s16; 2nd season, 1999; ph: John Thomas

2000        Sex and the City [ep #45 'Hot Child in the City' & #46 'Frenemies'] 3rd season, 2000; ph: Michael Marzovilla; see 1999

2001        Scrubs [ep #13 'My Balancing Act', #14 'My Drug Buddy', #23 'My Hero' & #24 'My Last Day'] series, 2001-present; 1st

                    season, 2001-02; ph: John Inwood

2001        Sex and the City [ep #53 'Ghost Town', #54 'Baby, Talk Is Cheap', #57 'Sex and the Country' & #58 'Belles of the Balls']

                    4th season, 2001-02; ph: John Thomas (#53), Michael Marzovilla (#54) & Alik Sakharov (#57 & #58); see 1999

2001        Leap of Faith [ep #2 'Whole in One'] 6-part series, 2002; ph: Bruce Finn

2001        Greg the Bunny [ep #4 'Greg Gets Puppish'] 13-part series, 2002; ph: Olin Younger

2002        The Bernie Mac Show [ep #28 'Bernie Mac Dance Party' & #37 'Pink Gold'] series, 2001-present/HD; 2nd season,

                    2002-03; ph: Victor Nelli Jr.

2002        Scrubs [ep #27 'My Case Study' & #30 'My Big Brother'] 2nd season, 2002-03; ph: John Inwood; see 2001

2002        Oliver Beene [ep #1 'A Day at the Beach' & #3 'Space Race'] 24-part (6 unaired) series, 2003-04/v; 1st season, 2003;

                    ph: Joe Pennella

2002        Lucky [ep #7 'Savant' & #13 'It's in the Stars'] 13-part series, 2003; ph: Paul Maibaum

2002        Septuplets [pilot] premiered in January 2003; ph: Nathan Hope

2002        Do Over [ep #14 'Valentine's Day Dance'] 15-part (4 unaired) series, 2002; series ph: Paul Maibaum & Geary McLeod

2003        The Bernie Mac Show [ep #49 'Hair Jordan', #53 'Droobie or Not Droobie' & #64 'Five Stages of Bryana'] 3rd season,

                    2003-04; ph: Victor Nelli Jr.; see 2002

2003        Scrubs [ep #48 'My Journey', #49 'My White Whale' & #58 'My Catalyst'] 3rd season, 2003-04; ph: John Inwood;

                    see 2001

2003        Oliver Beene [ep #12 'X-Ray Specs', #16 'Oliver & The Otters' & #20 'Catskills'] 2nd season, 2004; ph: Joe Pennella

                    (#12 & #20) & Bruce Pasternack (#16); see 2002

2003        Monk [ep #16 'Mr. Monk Goes to the Ballgame'] series, 2002-present; 2nd season, 2003-04; ph: Hugo Cortina

2003        Cracking Up [ep #4 'Panic House'] 12-part series (6 unaired), 2004; ph: Joe Pennella

2004        Mr. Ed [pilot/HD for FOX-tv] ph: Mark Doering-Powell

2004        Jake in Progress [pilot, ep #2 'Stand By Your Man', #3 'Rivals and Departures', #4 'Ubusy?', #11 'Check, Please', #13

                    'Henry Porter and the Coitus Interruptus'] series, 2005-06; 1st season, 2005; ph: Joe Pennella; + co-prod

2004        Method & Red [ep #6 'Kill Bill Vol. 3' & #7 'Something About Brenda'] 13-part series (4 unaired), 2004; ph: Victor Nelli Jr.

2004        Life As We Know It [ep #4 'Partly Cloudy, Chance of Sex' & #5 'Secrets and Lies'] 13-part series (2 unaired), 2004-05;

                    ph: John Peters

2005        Kitchen Confidential [ep #3 'Dinner Date with Death' & #8 'Teddy Takes Off'] 13-part series (9 unaired), 2005; ph: Joe


2005        Big Love [ep #4 'Eclipse' & #7 'Eviction'] series, 2006-present; 1st season, 2006; ph: Russ Alsobrook (#4) & James

                    Glennon (#7)

2005        Jake in Progress [ep #14 'The Lying, the Watch and Jake's Wardrobe' & #15 'The Annie-dote'] 2nd season, 2006; ph:

                    Blake T. Evans; see 2004

2005        Scrubs [ep #96 'My Day at the Races'] 5th season, 2006; ph: John Inwood; see 2001

2006        Big Day/A Day in the Life [7 ep] 13-part (1 unaired) series, 2006-07; ph: Blake T. Evans


1984        Streetwalkin'/City Streets/Cookie [Joan Freeman] co-electrician; ph: Steven Fierberg

1985        Sudden Death [Sig Shore] co-grip; ph: Benjamin Davis

1986        My Demon Lover [Charlie Loventhal] gaffer 2u New York; ph: Jacques Haitkin

1987        Hangmen [J. Christian Ingvordsen] c.op 2u; ph: Steven Kaman

1987        D.O.A. [Annabel Jankel & Rocky Morton] co-add c.asst; ph: Yuri Neyman

1989        Imagining America [seg 'Tribe' dir by Matt Mahurin] co-c.asst; ph: Matt Mahurin; comp (60m) of 4 shorts for PBS-tv

                    series 'American Playhouse'

1989        Framed [Dean Parisot; tvm] c.op; ph: Yuri Neyman

1991        Comrades in Arms [J. Christian Ingvordsen] c.op; ph: Steven Kaman