Education: Ryerson Polytechnic Institute [RPI], Ontario [graduated in 1986].

Career: Started shooting doc's [more than 200] and shorts [more than 30] in the independent film scene in Toronto.

Ph commercials dir by Jaron Albertin [for Adidas], Tom DeCerchio [for Kraft Food], Vincenzo Natali, Tim Godsall [for Lipton], Matt Eastman [for Toronto Zoo], a.o. Ph music videos. Gave cinematography workshops at the Canadian Film Centre. Full member of the CSC since 1999.

Awards: Toronto World Wide Short Festival 'Best Cinematography' [1998] for 'Twisted Sheets'; CSC Film Award [1998] for 'Cube'; CSC 'Documentary Cinematography' Award nom [2005] & 'Gemini' Award [2005] for 'Shipbreakers'; CSC 'Dramatic Short Cinematography' Award nom [2005] for 'The Porcelain Pussy'.


1985        My Reuven [Derek Rogers] ?; short/22m; prod RPI

1989        Forgotten Mother [Adrienne Amato] ?; doc/25m

1991        Talk 16 [Janis Lundman & Adrienne Mitchell] c; doc/110m; co-2uc; ph: Deborah Parks

1991        [Stories of Chide the Wind:] The Soul Investigator [Kal Ng] 16mm/b&w-c; principal ph Dec 1991-Dec 1992, mostly

                    on weekends; film completed in 1994

1993        The Limits of What We Know [Amy Bodman] 16mm-to-HD/c; doc/94m; shot over a seven-week period in Zimbabwe;

                    edited 2003-08; released 2008

1995        Prey/Automatic [Helen Lee] 16mm/c; short/26m

1995        The Odyssey Diaries [Susan Fleming] c; doc/57m; cph: Scott Barron, Patricia Roy & Ben Matilainen

1996        Twisted Sheets [Chris Deacon] c; short/15m

1996        The Hangman's Bride [Naomi McCormack] c; short/20m; duel ph; ph: Jonathan Freeman

1996        Elevated [Vincenzo Natali] 16mm/c; short/20m

1997        When East Meets East [Kalli Paakspuu & Kevin Feng Ke] c; doc/53m

1997        Cube [Vincenzo Natali] c; 2uc: Scott Smith

1997        Fresh Off the Boat [Peter Demas] 16mm/c; short/27m

1997        Tough Bananas [Keith Locke] ?; short/?m

1997        First Break [Adrienne Amato & Derek Rogers] c; doc/51m; addph: John Westheuser

1997        The Fishing Trip [Amnon Buchbinder] c

1997        Dreamtrips/Meng zhi lu [Kal Ng] c; cph: Gavin Liew

1998        After [Niara Modi] 16mm/c; short/24m

1998        Moving Day [Chris Deacon] c; short/23m

1998        Milkman [William Phillips] c; short/15m

1998        Felicity's View [Edie Steiner] b&w; short/20m

1998        Stand by Your Booth [Daniel O'Connor] 16mm/?; short/24m

1998        Below the Belt [Dominique Cardona & Laurie Colbert] c; short/13m

1998        Yellow Wedding/Tian shang ren jian [Yan Cui & Qi Chang] c

1998        New Waterford Girl [Allan Moyle] c

199?        Punch [?] ?; short/?m

1999        Apartment Hunting [Bill Robertson] c

1999        At the Exhibition [David A. Stein] c; exp dance film/4m

1999        Soup [David A. Stein] c; short/6m

2000        Tango in a Cold City [Alastair Brown] c; doc/42m

2000        The Devil You Know: Inside the Mind of Todd McFarlane [Kenton Vaughan] v/c; doc/77m & 44m (tv); cph: Joan


2001        Cypher/Brainstorm/Company Man [Vincenzo Natali] c

2002        Crime Spree/Wanted [Brad Mirman] c; cph: Matthew Williams

2002        Nothing [Vincenzo Natali] scope/c

2002        Foolproof/└ toute Úpreuve [William Phillips] c

2003        Resident Evil: Apocalypse [Alexander Witt] s35/c; cph: Christian Sebaldt; 2uc: Igor Meglic; miniature ph: Christopher


2004        Shipbreakers [Michael Kot] c; doc/73m; addph: Nick de Pencier, Peter Starr, M. Kot & Subrato Sengupta; premiered as

                    ep of CBC-tv series 'The Nature of Things'

2004        Age of Iron [Michael Kot] c; short/5m; a non-narrative short made from outtakes of the doc 'Shipbreakers'

2004        The Porcelain Pussy [Denise Blinn] b&w; short/15m

2005        Into the Night [Annette Mangaard] c; doc/78m; cph: Peter Mettler & A. Mangaard; addph: Marcus Elliot, Boyd Bonitzke

                    & Kevin Jewison

2006        The Demonology of Desire [Rodrigo Gudi˝o] s16/c; short/22m; also part of the DVD comp 'Curious Stories, Crooked

                    Symbols' (2009; 3 films; 43m; other ph: Walter Pacifico)

2008        The Limits of What We Know [Amy Bodman] see 1993

2009        Vine of the Soul: Encounters with Ayahuasca [Richard Meech] c; doc/53m

2009        It's a Teen's World: Wired for Sex, Lies and Power Trips [Lynn Glazier] c; doc/75m; addph: Michael Grippo, Stan

                    Barua, a.o.

2009        The Con Artist [Risa Bramon Garcia] c; 2uc: Kit Whitmore

2009        City Sonic [various] c; 21-part mus doc series (for mobile, online and tv); other ph: Adam Swica, Steve Cosens, a.o.


1998        Orfeo & Eurydice [Barbara Willis Sweete & David New] mus tvm/3m for Bravo!

1998        Down to Earth [ep dir by Kevin Francis] 182-part ecology series, 1991-98, for Mid-Canada-tv

1999        What Katy Did/La revanche de Katy [Stacey Stewart Curtis] tvm

1999        Jailbait [Allan Moyle] tvm; 2uc: Rudolf Blahacek

2000        Ultraviolet [Mark Piznarski] pilot

2000        The Other Me [Manny Coto] tvm

2000        Phantom of the Megaplex [Blair Treu] tvm

2000        A Nero Wolfe Mystery/Nero Wolfe [ep #2 & 3 'The Doorbell Rang' & #4 & 5 'Champagne for One: Parts I & II' dir by

                    Timothy Hutton, #6 & 7 'Prisoner's Base: Parts I & II' dir by Neill Fearnley, #8 'Eeny, Meeny, Murder, Moe' & #9

                    'Disguise for Murder' dir by John L'Ecuyer, #10 'Door to Death' & #11 'Christmas Party' dir by Holly Dale, #12 & 13

                    'Over My Dead Body: Parts I & II' dir by Timothy Hutton] pilot (2000) + 28-part series, 2001-02; 1st season, 2001

2002        A Marriage in Music [David Acomba] mus doc/58m/DigiBeta; ep CBC-tv series 'Opening Night'

2002        Les champs de boue [Dominique Cardona] tvm/60m/BetaSP

2003        1-800-Missing [pilot dir by Michael Fresco] series, 2003-present; 1st season, 2003-04; other ph: David Herrington

2004        Supervolcano [Tony Mitchell] 2-part tvm; addph: Jon Boyce

2004        72 Hours: True Crime [various] 33-part docudrama series/HD; other ph: Robert Fresco & Richard Stringer

2005        Diamond Road [Nisha Pahuja & Manfred Becker] 3-part doc series/HD; ep 'The Dream', 'The Stone That Divides' & 'The


2005        Women on Top [5 ep dir by various] 26-part doc series, 2006-07; cph: Mike Nolan, Danny Cook, a.o.

2005        Rabbittown [James Genn] comedy special/30m

2007        Who Do You Think You Are? [ep #13 'Avi Lewis' dir by Peter Findlay] 13-part doc series, 2007-08; other ph: Anton Van

                    Rooyen, Walter Corbett, a.o.

2007        Of Murder and Memory/Who Named the Knife [David Wellington] tvm/HD


1986        The Birth of Language [Paul Jay; tv-doc] prod asst; ph: Joan Hutton

1987        Too Outrageous! [Richard Benner; feature] asst dir trainee; ph: Manfred Guthe

1988        Harriet Loves [Alexandra Gill; short] prod manager; ph: Gerald Packer