Born: ?, as Thomas Julian Richmond.

Education: Harvard University [BA in Architecture/Photography]; UCLA [Masters Program Cinematography]; American Film Institute [graduated in 1979].

Career: Started as gaffer. Also active as still ph.

Ph music videos with a: Pearl Jam ['Jeremy'], Neil Young, Emmy Lou Harris, The Velvet Underground, The Go-Gos ['The Whole World's Lost It's Head', 1996, d: Roger Avary], Foo Fighters ['The One', 2002, d: Jesse Peretz], a.o. Ph commercials dir by Jesse Peretz, a.o.

Published the photo books 'The Last American City' and 'Serious' [2000].

Appeared in the doc 'Back to Hell' [2000, Alex Cox] about the cast and crew who worked on 'Straight to Hell' [1986].

Awards: Independent Spirit Award nom [1989] for 'Stand and Deliver'; Independent Spirit Award nom [1992] for 'Pastime'; Sundance FF Cinematography Award [2006] for 'Right at Your Door'.


1980        Edge City/Sleep Is for Sissies [Alex Cox] c; short/40m; addph; ph: Michael Miner; filmed 1977-80; prod UCLA

1983        When the Bough Breaks [Ellen Sandler] c; short/30m; 2uc; ph: Toyomichi Kurita; prod AFI

1983        Running Hot/Highway to Hell/Lucky 13 [Mark Griffiths] c

1983        Hardbodies [Mark Griffiths] c; addph: Bob Weiss, Steve Wright & David Calloway

1983        Hard Rock Zombies [Krishna Shah] c; 2uc: Toyomichi Kurita

1984        Repo Man [Alex Cox] c; co-addph; ph: Robby Müller

1984        Night of the Comet [Thom Eberhardt] c; 2uc; ph: Arthur Albert

1984        The Malibu Bikini Shop/The Bikini Shop [David Wechter] c

1985        Troll [John Carl Buechler] c; addph USA; ph: Romano Albani

1985        Stand Alone [Alan Beattie] c; cph: Timothy Suhrstedt

1985        Salvador [Oliver Stone] c; uncred 2uc (+ c.op San Francisco seq); ph: Robert Richardson

1986        Chopping Mall/Killbots [Jim Wynorski] c

1986        Straight to Hell [Alex Cox] s35/c

1986        Space Rage [: Breakout on Prison Planet]/Trackers/A Dollar a Day [Conrad Palmisano & Peter McCarthy] c;

                    re-shoots ph; ph: Timothy Suhrstedt (February 1985); released December 1985; re-released, after some re-shoots,

                    December 1986

1986        Hardbodies 2 [Mark Griffiths] c

1987        Stand and Deliver [Ramon Menendez] c

1987        Walker [Alex Cox] c; co-addph; ph: David Bridges

1988        The Chocolate War [Keith Gordon] c

1988        I'm Gonna Git You Sucka [Keenen Ivory Wayans] c; addph: Tom Sigel

1989        Pastime/One Cup of Coffee [Robin B. Armstrong] c

1990        Roadside Prophets [Abbe Wool] c

1990        Heaven Is a Playground [Randall Fried] c

1991        A Midnight Clear [Keith Gordon] c

1992        Phone [Tim Pope] 16mm/c; short/30m

1993        Killing Zoe [Roger Avary] c

1993        Straight to One [Ethan Hawke] b&w; short/20m

1993        Love and a .45 [C.M. Talkington] c; 2uc: John L. Demps Jr. & Scott E. Steele

1994        Little Odessa [James Gray] p/c

1994        Homage [Ross Kagan Marks] c

1995        Johns [Scott Silver] c

1995        The Winner [Alex Cox] c; pickup ph Las Vegas & L.A.; ph: Denis Maloney

1995        Mother Night [Keith Gordon] c

1996        Hell's Kitchen [N.Y.C] [Tony Cinciripini] prod postponed; replaced by doph Michael Spiller [1997]

1996        First Love, Last Rites [Jesse Peretz] c

1997        Oakland Underground [Michael A. Goorjian] c

1997        Slums of Beverly Hills [Tamara Jenkins] c; 2uc: Robert Bennett

1998        Waking the Dead [Keith Gordon] c

1998        Wild Horses/Lunch Time Special [Soleil Moon Frye & Meeno Peluce] c

1998        Call Waiting [Michael Goorjian] c; short/12m

1998        Gun Shy [Eric Blakeney] c

1999        The Nightingale and the Rose [Barbara Peacock] c; short/30m; project about homeless people was in pre-prod trying

                    to find the necessary funds; it's unknown if it was ever realized

1999        Knockaround Guys [Brian Koppelman & David Levien] s35/c; 2uc: Richard Rutkowski

1999        Chelsea Walls/Chelsea Hotel [Ethan Hawke] dv-to-35mm/c; cph: Richard Rutkowski

2000        Back to Hell [Alex Cox] c/V; doc/23m; cph: Todd Darling

2000        The Château [Jesse Peretz] dv-to-35mm/c

2000        House of 1000 Corpses [Rob Zombie] c; cph: Alex Poppas

2000        Hardball/Hard Ball [Brian Robbins] c

2001        I'm with Lucy/Autour de Lucy [Jon Sherman] c; aph: John Trapman

2002        The Singing Detective [Keith Gordon] c

2002        Prey for Rock & Roll [Alex Steyermark] HD-to-35mm/c; addph; ph: Antonio Calvache

2002        Ethan and Alan [C.M. Talkington] c; short/12m

2003        Monster [Patty Jenkins] c; addph; ph: Steven Bernstein

2003        Nobody's Perfect [Hank Azaria] c; short/25m

2003        Palindromes [Todd Solondz] c

2003        Inland Empire [David Lynch] dv+HD-to-35mm/b&w-c; co-add c.op; ph: D. Lynch; prod started in 2003; released in 2006

2004        Eric Clapton: Sessions for Robert J [Stephen Schible] c/V; mus doc/97m; ph UK: Toru Kogure

2005        Right at Your Door [Chris Gorak] s16-35bu/c

2005        The Ex/Fast Track [Jesse Peretz] c; addph: Eric Schmidt

2005        The Need [Chris Young] dv/c; short/12m

2006        Chapter 27 [J.P. (Jarrett) Schaefer] c; 2uc: Michael Simmonds

2006        Outside the Box [Willard Carroll] announced

2007        The War Prayer [Michael A. Goorjian] c; short/10m

2007        Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist [Peter Sollett] c; 2uc: Michael Slovis

2008        Quit [Dick Rude] HD/c; addph: Amy Vincent

2008        The Perfect Age of Rock 'n' Roll [Scott Rosenbaum] c

2008        Stanley Rubin: A Work in Progress [Kellett Tighe] c; doc/49m; cph: Kahlil Hudson

2009        All About Evil [Joshua Grannell] c

2010        Seven Chinese Brothers [Bob Byington] c


1982        Powerhouse [ep #8 'Cheers' dir by John Allman] 16-part PBS-tv series, 1982-83

1989        Amityville: The Evil Escapes/The Amityville Horror: The Evil Escapes, Part 4 [Sandor Stern] tvm

1989        Trying Times [ep #9 'Death and Taxes' dir by Jon Denny] 12-part PBS-tv series, 1987-89; 2nd season, 1989; other ph:

                    Angel Goded, Henner Hofmann, Tony Kuhn & Guillermo Navarro

1990        Nightmare on the 13th Floor [Walter Grauman] tvm

1992        Accidentally on Purpose [pilot dir by Tim Pope] series for Nickelodeon-tv

1992        Death and the Compass/La muerte y la brújula [Alex Cox] tvm/57m; Labyrinth ph; ph: Miguel Garzón; ep BBC-tv

                    series 'Screenplay'; in 1993 an extra 40m were shot and a feature version (96m) was completed in 1996

1994        Mr. Stitch [Roger Avary] pilot

1996        The Twilight of the Golds [Ross Kagan Marks] tvm; also released theatrically

1996        David Blaine: Street Magic [David Blaine] doc/45m; cph: Jake Clennell & Mike Goldecke

2000        [Emmanuelle -] A Hard Look [Alex Cox] doc/60m; cph: Emma Jensen, Gary Young, a.o.

2002        Hama Mike/Mike Hama - Private Detective [ep #11 'Man Woman, Woman Man/Mike Hama Must Die!' dir by Alex Cox] 12-part Japanese series

2003        Cold Case [pilot 'Look Again' dir by Mark Pellington] series, 2003-present; 1st season, 2003-04; other ph: Eric Schmidt & Patrick Cady

2004        Tanner on Tanner [Robert Altman] 4-part miniseries; cph: Robert Reed Altman

2004        Tilt [ep #1 'The Game' dir by Brian Koppelman & David Levien, #2 'Risk Tolerance' dir by T.J. Scott & #3 'The Whale' dir

                    by Jeremiah Chechik] 9-part series, 2005; Las Vegas ph

2006        Fallen [Kevin Kerslake] 4-part series, 2007; follows tvm (2006) dir by Mikael Salomon and ph by Jon Joffin; for ABC Family


1973        Lord of the Universe [Michael Shamberg; tv-doc/58m] co-c.op; ph: Paul Goldsmith

1982        Valley Girl/Bad Boyz/Rebel Dreams [Martha Coolidge] electrician; ph: Fred Elmes