Born: ?, as Thomas A. Priestley Jr., son of newsreel ph & doc filmmaker Thomas A. Priestley Sr. [1918-28 January 1993].

Career: Wanted to become a chemical engineer, however, a visit in 1961 to the set of the tv-series 'Naked City' [ph by his uncle Jack Priestley (1926-1993)] convinced him otherwise. After working on 'Naked City' he became c.asst, later c.op.

Awards: ASC TV Award nom [1992] for 'Intruders'.


1983        Beat Street [Stan Lathan (replaced Andrew Davis)] c; addph: Alicia Weber, Jack Priestley & Joseph Coffey; doc ph Bronx: Brent Owens

1991        A League of Their Own [Penny Marshall] p/c; 1st unit ph for six weeks replacing doph Miroslav Ondrícek, who was ill

                    (credited as addph) (+ co-c.op)

1992        Calendar Girl [John Whitesell] c

1992        Above the Rim [Jeff Pollack] c

1993        Blue Chips [William Friedkin] c

1994        Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde [David F. Price] c

1995        [Tales from the Crypt Presents:] Bordello of Blood [Gilbert Adler] c; addph: Joseph F. Valentine

1996        This WORLD, then the FIREWORKS [Michael Oblowitz] c; 2uc: Michael Barrow

1996        Screwed: Al Goldstein's Kingdom of Porn [Alexander Crawford] 16mm/c; doc/85m; addph; ph: A. Crawford

1997        Tequila Express [Charles Picerni Jr.] scheduled for July start; in 2002 a film with this title was dir by David Starr and ph by Matt Cantrell

1998        The Thomas Crown Affair [John McTiernan] p/c; 2uc: John E. Sullivan; took over from doph Ericson Core after 8 days of shooting

1999        New Best Friend [Zoe Clarke-Williams] c

1999        The In Crowd [Mary Lambert] c

2001        Undercover Brother [Malcolm D. Lee] c; addph: Robert McLachlan; 2uc: Craig Haagensen

[Left] with actor Ice Cube and dir Tim Story - "Barbershop"

2002        Barbershop [Tim Story] c

2002        Stateside/Sinners [Reverge Anselmo] c; cph: Adam Holender; 2uc: Petr Hlinomaz

2003        Surviving Christmas [Mike Mitchell] c; cph: Peter Lyons Collister; 2uc: Flemming Olsen

2003        Barbershop 2: Back in Business [Kevin Rodney Sullivan (replaced Tim Story)] c

2005        Three Days to Vegas/Retirement [Charlie Picerni] c; 2uc: Joseph Cicio

2005        Spaghetti Park [Charlie Picerni] scheduled to start filming in August; status unknown

2006        The List [Gary Wheeler] c

2006        Delta Farce [C.B. Harding] c

2007        The Pool Boys [J.B. Rogers] c; L.A. ph: Imre Juhasz

2008        The Bleeding [Charlie Picerni] c; 2uc: Bo Webb

2008        The Janky Promoters [Marcus Raboy] c

2009        The Trial [Gary Wheeler] c


1987        Big Business [Jim Abrahams] c; 2uc New York; ph: Dean Cundey

1988        Second Sight [Joel Zwick] c; + c.op; ph: Dana Christiaansen

1988        See No Evil, Hear No Evil [Arthur Hiller] c; ph: Victor Kemper

1992        Striking Distance [Rowdy Herrington] c; ph: Mac Ahlberg

1993        Demolition Man [Marco Brambilla] c; ph: Alex Thomson

1993        I Love Trouble [Charles Shyer] c; co-2uc; ph: John Lindley

1994        Die Hard: With a Vengeance/Die Hard 3 [John McTiernan] p/c; ph: Peter Menzies Jr.

1994        Fair Game [Andrew Sipes] c; ph: Richard Bowen

1995        Eraser [Charles Russell] p/c; co-2uc; ph: Adam Greenberg

1996        Maximum Risk/Bloodstone/The Exchange [Ringo Lam] s35/c; co-2uc; ph: Alexander Gruszynski

1996        Double Team/The Colony [Hark Tsui] s35/c; ph: Peter Pau

1997        I Know What You Did Last Summer [Jim Gillespie] p/c; ph: Denis Crossan

1997        For Richer or Poorer [Bryan Spicer] p/c; 2uc New York; ph: Buzz Feitshans IV

1997        Deep Impact [Mimi Leder] s35/c; co-2uc (+ 2ud Los Angeles); ph: Dietrich Lohmann

2000        Don't Say a Word [Gary Fleder] s35/c; 2uc New York (+ 2ud New York); ph: Amir Mokri

2001        Swimfan/Swimf@n/Tell Me You love Me [John Polson] J-D-C Scope/c; ph: Giles Nuttgens

2003        Cursed [Wes Craven] Hawk Scope/c; co-2uc; ph: Robert McLachlan


1985        Miami Vice [16 ep dir by various] 114-part series, 1984-89; 2nd season, 1985-86; other ph: James A. Contner

1986        Miami Vice [10 ep dir by various] 3rd season, 1986-87; other ph: Oliver Wood; see 1985

1987        Leg Work [various] 10-part (4 unaired) series; other ph: Bob Bailin

1990        Wiseguy [5 ep dir by various] 75-part (3 unaired) series, 1987-90; 4th season, 1990

1990        Against the Law [various] 17-part series, 1990-91; other ph: Paul Goldsmith & Misha Suslov

1991        Perfect Crimes [Armand Mastroianni] tvm; lighting dir

1991        Intruders [Dan Curtis] 2-part tvm

1992        The Last Hit [Jan Egleson] tvm

1994        One of Her Own [Armand Mastroianni] tvm

1997        Love-Struck [Larry Peerce] tvm

1998        Holy Joe/Man of Miracles [Larry Peerce] tvm

2004        Cooking Lessons [Ivan Reitman] pilot

2005        South Beach [various] 8-part series, 2006; other ph: David Hennings

2006        Monk [ep #71 'Mr. Monk and the Leper' dir by Randall Zisk & #76 'Mr. Monk and the Really, Really Dead Guy' dir by

                    Anthony R. Palmieri] series, 2002-present; 5th season, 2006-07


1961        Naked City [various; tv-series] ?; ph: Jack Priestley, a.o.

1967        Rachel, Rachel [Paul Newman] c.asst; ph: Gayne Rescher

1968        Midnight Cowboy [John Schlesinger] c.asst; ph: Adam Holender

1970        The Owl and the Pussycat [Herbert Ross] ?; ph: Harry Stradling Sr. & Andrew Laszlo

1970        The French Connection [William Friedkin] c.asst; ph: Owen Roizman

1972        The Heartbreak Kid [Elaine May] 1st c.asst; ph: Owen Roizman

1972        Where the Lilies Bloom [William Graham] co-c.asst; ph: Urs Furrer

1972        The Exorcist [William Friedkin] c.asst; ph: Owen Roizman

1973        The Taking of Pelham One Two Three [Joseph Sargent] c.asst; ph: Owen Roizman

1974        The Stepford Wives [Bryan Forbes] 1st c.asst; ph: Owen Roizman

1974        Three Days of the Condor [Sydney Pollack] c.asst; ph: Owen Roizman

1976        Annie Hall [Woody Allen] 1st c.asst; ph: Gordon Willis

1976        Network [Sidney Lumet] c.asst; ph: Owen Roizman

1977        Saturday Night Fever [John Badham] c.op; ph: Ralf Bode

1977        See How She Runs [Richard T. Heffron; tvm] c.op; ph: Ron Lautore

1977        Hair [Milos Forman] c.op New York; ph: Miroslav Ondrícek

1978        Last Embrace [Jonathan Demme] c.op; ph: Tak Fujimoto

1978        Kramer vs. Kramer [Robert Benton] c.op; ph: Nestor Almendros

1979        Windows [Gordon Willis] c.op; ph: Gordon Willis

1979        Fame [Alan Parker] co-c.op; ph: Michael Seresin

1979        Wolfen [Michael Wadleigh] c.op; ph: Gerry Fisher

1980        Eyewitness/The Janitor [Peter Yates] c.op; ph: Matthew Leonetti

1980        Ragtime [Milos Forman] co-c.op; ph: Miroslav Ondrícek

1981        Rollover [Alan J. Pakula] c.op; ph: Giuseppe Rotunno & William Garroni (N.Y.)

1981        The World According to Garp [George Roy Hill] c.op; ph: Miroslav Ondrícek

1981        Yes, Giorgio [Franklin J. Schaffner] c.op New York; ph: Fred J. Koenekamp

1981        Muggable Mary, Street Cop [Sandor Stern; tvm] c.op; ph: Ronald M. Lautore

1982        Sophie's Choice [Alan J. Pakula] co-c.op; ph: Nestor Almendros

1982        Silkwood [Mike Nichols] c.op; ph: Miroslav Ondrícek

1983        The Survivors [Michael Ritchie] c.op; ph: Billy Williams

1983        Amadeus [Milos Forman] co-c.op; ph: Miroslav Ondrícek

1983        The Pope of Greenwich Village [Stuart Rosenberg] c.op; ph: John Bailey

1984        Falling in Love [Ulu Grosbard] c.op; ph: Peter Suschitzky

1984        A Chorus Line [Richard Attenborough] c.op; ph: Ronnie Taylor

1985        F/X [- Murder by Illusion] [Robert Mandel] c.op; ph: Miroslav Ondrícek

1985        Runaway Train [Andrei Konchalovsky] c.op Alaska; ph Alaska: Don Burgess; ph: Alan Hume

1985        The Manhattan Project/Deadly Game [Marshall Brickman] co-c.op; ph: Billy Williams

1987        Big Shots [Robert Mandel] c.op; ph: Miroslav Ondrícek

1987        Masquerade [Bob Swaim] c.op; ph: David Watkin

1987        Funny Farm [George Roy Hill] c.op; ph: Miroslav Ondrícek

1988        Cookie [Susan Seidelman] c.op (+ co-2ud); ph: Oliver Stapleton

1988        Scrooged [Richard Donner] c.op New York; ph: Michael Chapman

1988        Loose Cannons [Bob Clark] c.op; ph: Reginald H. Morris

1988        Family Business [Sidney Lumet] c.op; ph: Andrzej Bartkowiak

1989        Parenthood [Ron Howard] c.op; ph: Donald McAlpine

1989        She-Devil [Susan Seidelman] c.op; ph: Oliver Stapleton

1990        Awakenings [Penny Marshall] c.op; ph: Miroslav Ondrícek

1990        Q & A [Sidney Lumet] c.op; ph: Andrzej Bartkowiak

1990        Sleeping with the Enemy [Joseph Ruben] c.op; ph: John Lindley

1990        Delirious [Tom Mankiewicz] c.op New York; ph: Robert M. Stevens

1991        A League of Their Own [Penny Marshall] co-c.op (+ addph); ph: Miroslav Ondrícek

1992        Searching for Bobby Fischer/Innocent Moves [Steven Zaillian] co-c.op; ph: Conrad L. Hall