Photo by Matt Mueller


"Tap Dreams" [2009]


Born: 1 March 1944, Chicago, Illinois, USA, as Steven Barry Poster.

Education: Southern Illinois University [1962-64], Los Angeles Art Center College of Design [Still Photography; 1964-66]; Institute of Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago [BS in 1967].

Career: Was hired as a c.asst by 'The Film Group', a commercial film prod company in Chicago. He was noticed immediately because he knew how to light and was promoted to doph. He met dir Herschell Gordon Lewis and worked with him as c.asst, soundman and/or actor on 3 films ['We made feature films. They weren't porno's. They were horror or gore films. It was so low end that one of us was assigned every morning to go the butcher shop and get liver and entrails that we used as gore props.']. He stayed in Chicago for almost 10 years and ph industrial films, doc's, commercials ['I got to work with people like Michael Mann, who started his career doing commercials. He had a company in Chicago, and I shot a number of commercials for his company and for him.'], educational and medical films. After joining the union he began getting work on various feature films shooting in the territory. He worked as second c.op, c.op and addph. Moved to Los Angeles in 1974 and primarily shot commercials at first.

Ph music videos: 'Like a Prayer' [1989; a: Madonna; d: Mary Lambert], a.o. Ph commercials dir by Patrice Leconte, Ridley Scott, Lol Creme, Kinka Usher, Jake Scott, Chris Carballo, Marty Weiss, Don Allen, a.o. Also active as still ph with one person exhibitions in Albany, Atlanta, New York, etc.

Member of the ASC since 1987. Was president of the ASC [2002-03]. Is president of the International Cinematographers Guild [IATSE Local 600] [2006-].

Appeared in the doc's 'Visions of Light: The Art of Cinematography' [1991], 'Donnie Darko: Production Diary' [2004; ph: Mike Hoy] & 'Cinematographer Style' [2005, Jon Fauer; ph: J. Fauer, Jeff Laszlo, Brian Heller & David Morgan].

Awards: As doph: ASC Award nom [1988] for 'Someone to Watch Over Me'; 'Emmy' Award nom [2006] for 'Mrs. Harris'.

As dir: Cannes FF 'Golden Palm' nom 'Best Short Film' [1974; shared] for 'Another Saturday Night'.

Website: Steven Poster


1974        Another Saturday Night [Mik Derks & Steven Poster] c; short/14m

1976        Close Encounters of the Third Kind [Steven Spielberg] p/c; 2uc; ph: Vilmos Zsigmond

1979        Blood Beach [Jeffrey Bloom] c

1980        Dead & Buried [Gary A. Sherman] c

1981        Blade Runner [Ridley Scott] p/c; co-addph; ph: Jordan Cronenweth

1981        The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas [Colin Higgins] p/c; co-addph; ph: William Fraker

1982        Spring Break [Sean S. Cunningham] c

1982        [The Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie:] Strange Brew [Dave Thomas & Rick Moranis] c; uwph: J. Barry Herron

1983        The River [Mark Rydell] c; co-2uc; ph: Vilmos Zsigmond

1984        The New Kids/Striking Back [Sean S. Cunningham] c

1984        Starman [John Carpenter] p/c; 2uc; ph: Donald M. Morgan; sfx ph: Michael McAlister

1984        Aloha Summer [Tommy Lee Wallace] c; addph: Johnny Jensen & Michael Hofstein; uwph: Tom Boyle, Bob Condon & Ron Condon;

                    released 1988

1985        The Heavenly Kid [Cary Medoway] c

1985        The Boy Who Could Fly [Nick Castle] c; S. Poster was brought in about 6 weeks into filming; cph: Adam Holender & Neil

                    Krepela (efx ph); vfx ph: Peter Romano; optical ph: Charles Cowles, Alan Harding & Mark Vargo (superv)

1985        American Anthem/Take It Easy [Albert Magnoli] c; addph; ph: Donald E. Thorin

1985        Blue City [Michelle Manning] c; addph: Ric Waite; 2uc: Donald M. Morgan & Egon Stephan

1985        Big Trouble in Little China [John Carpenter] p/c; 2uc; ph: Dean Cundey

1986        Someone to Watch Over Me [Ridley Scott] c; filmed 1986-87

1988        Big Top Pee-wee [Randal Kleiser] c

1988        Next of Kin [John Irvin] c

1989        Opportunity Knocks [Donald Petrie] c

1990        Rocky V [John G. Avildsen] c; addph: Victor Hammer

1990        Life Stinks/Life Sucks [Mel Brooks] c

1991        Pacific Coast Highway [?] HD/c; short/15m; a test-film for NHK-tv, Sony and Panavision

1992        The Cemetery Club/Looking for a Live One [Bill Duke] c

1995        The Crow: City of Angels/The Crow II [Tim Pope] c; addph; ph: Jean-Yves Escoffier

1996        Nunzio's Second Cousin [Tom DeCerchio] c; short/18m; seg of 'Boys Life 2' (4 seg; other ph: Steve Adcock, Marc

                    Reshovsky & Jamie Silverstein)

1996        RocketMan [Stuart Gillard] c; miniature ph: Eric Swenson

1997        1 chance sur 2/Half a Chance [Patrice Leconte] p/c; 2uc: Jean-Claude Thibaut

1998        BASEketball [David Zucker] c; addph; ph: Steve Mason

1998        The Rage: Carrie 2 [Katt Shea & Robert Mandel (uncred)] b&w-c; 2uc; ph: Donald M. Morgan

1998        Fight Club [David Fincher] s35/c; 2uc; ph: Jeff Cronenweth

1999        Mission to Mars [Brian De Palma] p/c; ph Jordan unit; ph: Stephen Burum

2000        Unbreakable [M. Night Shyamalan] p/c; 2uc; ph: Eduardo Serra

2000        Donnie Darko [Richard Kelly] p/c; uncred 2uc: Steve Gainer

2001        Stuart Little 2 [Rob Minkoff] c; 2uc New York: Tom Houghton

2001        The Oscar Legacy [David Haugland] ?; doc/?m

2002        Looney Tunes: Back in Action [Joe Dante] s35/c; addph; ph: Dean Cundey

2002        Daddy Day Care [Steve Carr] c

2004        Tap Heat [Dean Hargrove] s35-to-35mm/c; mus short/14m

2005        Southland Tales [Richard Kelly] s35/c; 2uc: David Stump

2006        Bill/Meet Bill [Melisa Wallack & Bernie Goldmann] HD-to-35mm/c; addph; ph: Peter Collister

2007        The Box [Richard Kelly] HD-to-35mm scope/c; 2uc: Terrence Hayes

2008        Spread [David Mackenzie] s35/c; addph: Paolo Cascio

[Right] with dir Brad Peyton - "Cats & Dogs"

Photo by Kimberly French

2008        Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore [Brad Peyton] 35mm & D-Cinema (3-D)/c; 2uc: Roger Vernon

2010        Flypaper [Rob Minkoff] HD/c; 2uc: Yaron Levy


1976        Rich Man, Poor Man - Book II [Lou Antonio, a.o.] 22-part series, 1976-77

1977        What Really Happened to the Class of '65? [ep #12 'Mr. Potential' dir by James Sheldon] 14-part series, 1977-78;

                    other ph: Bernie Abramson, Fred Goodich, a.o.

1978        The Night Rider [Hy Averback] pilot

1978        The Grass Is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank [Robert Day] tvm

1978        The Duke [Lawrence Doheny] pilot

1979        Mysterious Two [Gary Sherman] pilot

1979        Beggerman, Thief [Lawrence Doheny] 2-part tvm

1981        Coward of the County [Dick Lowry] tvm

1982        The Cradle Will Fall [John L. Moxey] tvm

1983        Testament [Lynne Littman] tvm for PBS-tv series 'American Playhouse'; addph: Charles Minsky; also released theatrically

1986        Courage [Jeremy Paul Kagan] tvm

1986        I'll Take Manhattan [Douglas Hickox & Richard Michaels] 4-part miniseries; other ph: Larry Pizer

1987        Engineering Design: CAD 2 - Product Modelling Systems [John Simmons] doc/60m; cph: Graham Banks & Laurie

                    Rush; for BBC-tv/Open University

1990        Shangri-La Plaza [Nick Castle] pilot/30m

1990        Disneyland's 35th Anniversary Special [John Landis] special/?m

1992        The Bat, the Cat and the Penguin [John Pattyson & Mike Meadows] doc special (the making of 'Batman Returns')/22m

1993        Roswell [: The U.F.O. Cover-Up]/Incident at Roswell [Jeremy Paul Kagan] tvm; aph: John M. Stephens

1995        Present Tense, Past Perfect [Richard Dreyfuss] tvm/30m; also seg of comp 'Anything for Love' (Showtime-tv)

1995        A Midwife's Tale [Richard P. Rogers] docudrama/89m/16mm; cph: Peter Stein; addph: Tony Cucchiari & Robert

                    Zimmerman; ep PBS-tv series 'American Experience'

1996        Once You Meet a Stranger [Tommy Lee Wallace] tvm

1997        Color of Justice [Jeremy Paul Kagan] tvm; aph: Donald Sweeney

2004        Mrs. Harris [Phyllis Nagy] tvm; uncred add c.op: Nancy Schreiber

2005        The Loop [pilot dir by Betty Thomas] 17-part series, 2006-07; 1st season, 2006; other ph: Michael A. Price & Jonathan West

2005        Briar & Graves [Michael Katleman] pilot

2006        The Danny Comden Project [Robert Duncan McNeill] tvm/30m

2008        Raising the Bar [pilot dir by Jesse Bocho] 25-part series, 2008-09; other ph: Rick Bota & Frank Perl

2008        The Miles Davis Documentary [Christopher Wilkinson] doc/90m/HD; addph: Paolo Cascio; for HBO-tv

2009        Tap Dreams [Dean Hargrove] pilot/HD for intended doc dance series


1963        Blood Feast/Feast of Flesh [Herschell Gordon Lewis] ?; ph: H.G. Lewis

1965        Monster a Go-Go/Terror at Halfday [Herschell Gordon Lewis & Bill Rebane] ?; ph: Frank Pfeiffer

1966        An Eye for an Eye [Herschell Gordon Lewis] ?; ph: ?; unreleased

1967        The Girl, the Body, and the Pill/The Pill [Herschell Gordon Lewis] c.op; ph: Roy Collodi

1977        A Wedding [Robert Altman] co-c.op; ph: Charles Rosher Jr.