Born: ?, as Stephen [Steve] L. Posey.

Career: Also directed ep of tv-series.


1976        Miss Nude America/The Contest [James P. Blake] c; doc/82m; cph: Ed Pincus, Bill Markle, a.o.

1976        Emma Mae/Black Sister's Revenge [Jamaa Fanaka] c

1978        Penitentiary [Jamaa Fanaka] c; addph: ph: Marty Ollstein

1978        Samuel Fuller & The Big Red One [Thijs Ockersen] 16mm/c; doc/75m; ph interviews USA; Israël ph: Hans den

                    Bezemer; Israel sound: Bert Steeman

1979        Don Siegel: Last of the Independents [Thijs Ockersen] 16mm/c; doc/75m

1980        The Howling [Joe Dante] c; 2uc; ph: John Hora

1980        Bloody Birthday/Creepers [Ed Hunt] c; 2uc: Fred Aronow

1980        Delusion/The House Where Death Lives [Alan Beattie] c

1981        The Sword and the Sorcerer [Albert Pyun] p/c; co-2uc; ph: Joseph Mangine

1981        Penitentiary II [Jamaa Fanaka] c

1982        The Slumber Party Massacre/Sleepless Nights [Amy Jones] c; prologue ph: Michael Chapman; 2uc: Alec Hirschfeld

1982        Surf II [Randall Badat] c; 2uc; ph: Alex Phillips Jr.

1982        Río abajo/On the Line/Downstream [José Luis Borau] c; co-addph; ph: Teodoro Escamilla

1983        Bachelor Party [Neal Israel] c; 2uc; ph: Hal Trussell

1984        Repo Man [Alex Cox] c; 2uc; ph: Robby Müller

1984        Savage Streets [Danny Steinmann] c

1984        American Drive-In [Krishna Shah] c

1984        Friday the 13th [Part V]: A New Beginning [Danny Steinmann] c

1985        Hellhole [Pierre De Moro] c

1986        Welcome to 18/Summer Release [Terry Carr] c; aph: Rexford Metz

1987        Three for the Road [Bill L. Norton] c

2000        Odessa or Bust [Brian Herskowitz] dv/c; short/12m


1983        Maximum Security [Sharron Miller] series for HBO-tv, 1984

1985        No Greater Gift [Anson Williams] tvm/50m; 'Afterschool Special' for CBS-tv

1986        The Last Innocent Man [Roger Spottiswoode] tvm; 2uc; ph: Alexander Gruszynski

1986        The Drug Knot [Anson Williams] tvm/46m; 'Schoolbreak Special' for CBS-tv

1987        Tour of Duty [various] 58-part series, 1987-90; 2nd season, 1989; other ph: Alan Caso

1988        Lone Star Kid [Anson Williams] tvm/55m; 'Afterschool Special' for CBS-tv

1992        The Man with Three Wives [Peter Levin] tvm

1993        River of Rage: The Taking of Maggie Keene/Murder on the Rio Grande [Robert Iscove] tvm; 2uc: Michael Ohrling

1995        Deadly Whispers [Bill L. Norton] tvm

1995        Stolen Innocence [Bill L. Norton] tvm

1995        Hijacked: Flight 285 [Charles Correll] tvm


1978        Jennifer [the Snake Goddess] [Brice Mack] best boy; ph: Irv Goodnoff

1979        H.O.T.S./T & A Academy [Gerald Seth Sindell] best boy grip; ph: Harvey Genkins


1987        Tour of Duty [ep #14 'Under Siege'] 58-part series, 1987-90; 1st season, 1987-88; ph: Alan Caso

1988        Tour of Duty [ep #27 'Sleeping Dogs', #36 'Hard Stripe' (+ co-scrpl) & #37 'The Volunteer'] 2nd season, 1989; see 1987

1989        Tour of Duty [ep #38 'The Luck', #40 'The Ties That Bind', #43 'A Necessary End' & #56 'Three Cheers for the Orange,

                    White and Blue'] 3rd season, 1989-90; ph: Alan Caso; see 1987

1989        Island Son [ep #10 'Hihia' & #13 'Icarus Falling'] 18-part series, 1989-90; ph: Jonathan West

1989        Grand Slam [ep #3 'Dog Days' & #6 'Byte the Bullet'] 8-part (1 unaired) series, 1990; ph: Shelly Johnson (pilot) &

                    Christopher Tufty

1989        Grand Slam III [co-d: Jim Johnston] V/c; ph: Christopher G. Tufty; comp of ep 'Grand Slam'-series

1990        The Young Riders [ep #33 'Bad Company'] 68-part series, 1989-92; 2nd season, 1990-91; ph: ?

1990        DEA [ep #6 'Bloodsport'] 13-part series, 1990-91; ph: Bryan Greenberg

1990        Gabriel's Fire [ep #4 'Louis' Date'] 22-part series, 1990-91; ph: Victor Goss

1992        The Water Engine [Steven Schachter] tvm; 2ud; ph: Bryan England

1994        Babylon 5 [ep #39 'Knives'] 110-part series, 1994-98; 2nd season, 1994-95; ph: John C. Flinn III & Frederick V.

                    Murphy II

1995        Xena: Warrior Princess [ep #5 'The Path Not Taken' & #8 'Prometheus'] 134-part series, 1995-2001; 1st season,

                    1995-96; ph: Donald Duncan

1995        Space: Above and Beyond/Space: 2063 [ep #17 'Toy Soldiers'] 24-part series, 1995-96; ph: David Eggby (pilot),

                    Gordon Lonsdale & Anthony Palmieri

1995        Hercules: The Legendary Journeys [ep #17 'Siege at Naxos' & #36 'Centaur Mentor Journey'] 116-part series, 1994-

                    99; 2nd season, 1995-96; ph: Allen Guilford & John Mahaffie

1996        Renegade [ep #103 'SWM Seeks VCTM'] 110-part series, 1992-97; 5th season, 1996-97; ph: Jeffrey Mygatt

1996        Pacific Blue [ep #19 'The Enemy Within'] 101-part series, 1996-2000; 2nd season, 1996-97; ph: Christian Sebaldt

1996        L.A. Firefighters/Fire Company 132 [ep #8 'The Big One' & #11 'Deadly Cargo'] 18-part series, 1996 (only ep #1-#6

                    aired); ph: Geoffrey Schaaf (1-6)

1996        The Burning Zone [ep #14 'The Last Endless Summer' & #18 'Wild Fire'] 19-part series, 1996-97; ph: Geoffrey Erb, Walt

                    Andrus, Bradford May & Geoffrey Schaaf

1996        Dark Skies [ep #16 'Burn, Baby, Burn'] 20-part series, 1996-97; ph: Bill Butler, Steve Yaconelli & David Parrish

1996        Buffy the Vampire Slayer [ep #8 'I Robot, You Jane'] 144-part series 1997-2003; 1st season, 1997; ph: Michael


1997        F/X: The Series [ep #27 'Deep Cover'] 40-part series, 1996-98; 2nd season, 1997-98; ph: John Dyer & Derick


1998        Star Trek: Deep Space Nine [ep #156 'Treachery, Faith, and the Great River', #164 'Chimera', #167 'Penumbra' & #173

                    'Extreme Measures'] 176-part series, 1993-99; 7th season, 1998-99; ph: Kris Krosskove & Jonathan West

1999        18 Wheels of Justice [ep #19 'Con Truck'] 44-part series, 2000-01; 1st season, 2000; ph: Jack Garrett & (2uc) Chris