"Topsy-Turvy" [1998]


Born: 1947, Bromley, Kent, UK, as Richard Pope.

Career: Became interested in photography as a young boy. After his father gave him a Brownie box camera, he began making portraits of his family and neighbors. Later, an uncle who worked for the BBC suggested a career as a cameraman. He became a trainee at Pathé Film Laboratory in London and worked on camera crews on B-movies. He sharpened his eye while shooting television documentaries. Eventually, he began shooting music videos and dramatic films.

Ph commercials [dir by David Hartley, a.o.] and music videos.

Appeared in the doc 'Wiecej swiatka. Festiwal Operatorów Filmowych Camerimage '97' [1997, Piotr Lazarkiewicz; ph: Adam Sikora; 54m].

Awards: BAFTA TV Award nom [1988] for 'Porterhouse Blue'; Sitges IFF 'Best Cinematography Award' [1990] for 'The Reflecting Skin'; Camerimage 'Golden Frog' nom [1995] for 'Nothing Personal', Camerimage 'Golden Frog' Award [1996] for 'Secrets & Lies'; Camerimage Special Award 'Best Duo' [1999; with dir Mike Leigh]; Camerimage 'Golden Frog' Award [2004] for 'Vera Drake'; 'Oscar' AA nom [2006], ASC Award nom [2006] & Camerimage 'Silver Frog' Award [2006] for 'The Illusionist'.

[Left] with dir Mike Leigh


1975        Profit by Risk Control: Security [Michael Darlow] ?; comm doc/?m

1976        Take Three - A Film for the Schools Council Drama Project [John Michael Slater] 16mm/c; comm doc/64m; cph: Roger Deakins

1980        Punk and Its Aftershocks/British Rock [- Ready for the 80's] [Wolfgang Büld] c; mus doc/85m

1980        Women in Rock/Girls Bite Back [Wolfgang Büld] c; mus doc/45m

1980        Urgh! A Music War [Derek Burbidge] c; concert film/124m; cph: John Metcalfe, David Scott, John Simmons, a.o.

1983        Alan Bush - A Life [Anna Ambrose] 16mm/c; mus doc/64m; cph: Roger Deakins

1983        Six Days in Romandie [Lindsey Clennell] c; comm doc/29m; cph: Chris Connell; prod for TI-Raleigh

1983        Cool Cats: 25 Years of Rock 'n' Roll Style [Terence Dixon] c/V; mus doc/76m; cph: John Sharaf, John McNulty, a.o.

1985        The Girl in the Picture [Carrie Parker] c

1986        Rhosyn a Rhith/Coming Up Roses [Stephen Bayly] 16mm-35bu/c; originally made as a tvm

1987        Soweto [Michael Raeburn] uncompleted due to legal disputes

1987        The Fruit Machine/Wonderland [Philip Saville] c; uwph: Mike Valentine

1988        Mountains of the Moon [Bob Rafelson] c; addph; ph: Roger Deakins

1989        Sophisticated Lady [David Mingay & David Robinson] 16mm/c; doc/80m; cph: Jack Hazan, a.o.

1989        The Reflecting Skin [Philip Ridley] c

1990        Life Is Sweet [Mike Leigh] c

1991        London Film Festival Trailer 1991 [Mike Leigh] c; trailer/?m

1992        The Secret Garden [Agnieszka Holland] c; co-addph; ph: Roger Deakins

1992        Naked [Mike Leigh] c

1992        The Air Up There [Paul Michael Glaser] c; replaced doph Jan Kiesser; Vancouver ph: Elliot Davis; 2uc South Africa: James Robb

1993        Black Beauty [Caroline Thompson] c

1994        An Awfully Big Adventure [Mike Newell] c

1995        Nothing Personal [Thaddeus O'Sullivan] c

1995        Secrets & Lies [Mike Leigh] c

1996        Career Girls [Mike Leigh] c

1996        Amy Foster/Swept from the Sea - The Story of Amy Foster [Beeban Kidron] p/c; 2uc: Jan Pester

1996        [Dean Koontz's] Phantoms [Joe Chappelle] c; London ph; ph: Richard Clabaugh & Greg Littlewood

1997        Croupier [Mike Hodges] c; uncred cph; ph: Mike Garfath

1997        The X Files [Rob Bowman] s35/c; London unit ph; ph: Ward Russell

1998        The Debt Collector [Anthony Neilson] c; 2uc: Jan Pester

1998        Topsy-Turvy [Mike Leigh] c

1999        The Way of the Gun [Christopher McQuarrie] c

2000        Lara Croft: Tomb Raider [Simon West] s35/c; uncred addph; ph: Peter Menzies Jr.

2000        13 Conversations About One Thing [Jill Sprecher] c

2001        All or Nothing [Mike Leigh] c

2002        Nicholas Nickleby [Douglas McGrath] s35/c

2003        Bringing Balanchine Back [Richard Blanshard] HD/c/V; doc/80m (shorter version aired on PBS-tv in 2006); filmed

                    July-August; prod New York City Ballet

2003        Vera Drake [Mike Leigh] s16-35bu/c

2004        The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe [Andrew Adamson] s35/c; co-2uc; ph: Donald McAlpine

"The Illusionist"

2005        The Illusionist [Neil Burger] s35-to-35mm 1.85/c

2005        Man of the Year [Barry Levinson] s35/c; 2uc: Jim Westenbrink; Washington D.C. ph: Murdoch Campbell

[Left] with actor Gary Clark Jr. - "Honeydripper" - photo by Jim Sheldon

2006        Honeydripper [John Sayles] s35-to-35mm 1.85/c

2007        Happy-Go-Lucky [Mike Leigh] 35mm+v-to-35mm scope/c

2007        Intercom [Mark Gutteridge] c; short/10m

2007        Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging [Gurinder Chadha] s35/c

2008        Me and Orson Welles [Richard Linklater] 35mm scope/c

2009        It's a Wonderful Afterlife [Gurinder Chadha] c

2010        The Convincer [Jill Sprecher] c

2010        Virtuoso [John Goldschmidt] pre-production


1970        Death by Request [Michael Ryan] doc/30m; ep ITV/Granada-tv current affairs series 'World in Action'

1970        Scotland - A Political Journey [Steve Morrison] 2-part doc/?m; ep 'World in Action'

1970        Made in Hong Kong [Gavin MacFadyen] doc/30m; ep 'World in Action'

1970        The Hollywood Festival [?] mus doc; unfinished; cph: John Metcalfe & Andy Carchrae

1974        Cancer Gas [Allan Segal] doc/26m

1975        Why I Want to Be Leader: By Margaret Thatcher [Linda McDougall] doc/30m; ep 'World in Action'

1975        Tip of the Iceberg [Steve Morrison] doc/30m; ep 'World in Action'

1975        In Labour [Linda McDougall & Steve Morrison] doc/30m; ep 'World in Action'

1975        Coming Out [Peter Carr] doc/30m; cph: Mike Whittaker; ep 'World in Action'

1976        On the Road: The Strange Story of Victor Grayson [Peter Carr] doc/33m; cph: Ray Goode & Mike Thomson

1976        The Dark Societies [Gavin MacFadyen] doc/30m; ep 'World in Action'

1976        Nuts and Bolts of the Economy [ep 'Somebody Has to Do It' dir by Michael Ryan] doc/30m; ?-part doc series for 'World in Action'

1976        Mutiny on the Motorway [Steve Morrison] doc/30m; cph: Ivan Strasburg; ep 'World in Action'

1976        Unemployment, Who Cares? [Colin Richards & Malcolm Southern] doc/30m; cph: Mike Dodds & George Turner; ep

                    'World in Action'

1976        A School of Thought [Steve Morrison] doc/30m; ep 'World in Action'

1976        Made in Hong Kong: Child Labour [Colin Richards & Malcolm Southern] doc/30m; cph: Mike Dodds & George Turner;

                    ep 'World in Action'

1977        The Militants [Brian Blake & David Kemp] doc/30m; ep 'World in Action'

1977        Casualties of the Cuts [Sue Woodford & David Hart] doc/30m; cph: Brian Grainger; ep 'World in Action'

1977        Protest and Reform [John Sheppard] doc/60m; ep 13-part series 'The Christians'

1978        Credo: Jean's Way [Michael Snow] doc/26m

1978        Take Care, This Place Is Unsafe [Simon Albery] doc/30m; cph: Jack Hazan & Bryan Loftus; ep 'World in Action'

1978        The Killing of Bruno Busic, 1939-1978 [Geoffrey Seed] doc/30m; ep 'World in Action'

1978        It's Already Been Too Long [Brian Blake] doc/30m; cph: Arthur Smith; ep 'World in Action'

1978        Inside Europe: The Summit [Charles Sturridge] doc/30m; cph: George Turner; ep 'World in Action'

1979        The Reckoning [André Singer & Gavin MacFadyen] doc/30m; ep 'World in Action'

1979        The Do Gooders [John Longley] 6-part doc series

1979        Islam [Michael Snow] doc/52m

1979        [Jimmy Greaves -] Just for Today/The Jimmy Greaves Story [Berny Stringle] doc/60m; cph: Roger Deakins

1982        A Connemara Family [?] doc/53m; ep BBC-tv series 'Worlds Apart'

1983        The Knockers' Tale [Jeff Perks] doc/40m; ep 8-part Channel 4 series 'Our Lives'

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1984        The Women's Olamal - The Organisation of a Maasai Fertility Ceremony [Melissa Llewelyn-Davies]

                    doc/113m/16mm; cph: Barry Ackroyd; ep BBC-tv series 'Worlds Apart'

1984        David Lean: A Life in Film [Nigel Wattis] doc/150m; cph: Paul Bond & Les Young; ep series 'The South Bank Show'

1984        Michael Crawford [Alan Benson] doc/?m; cph: Peter Middleton; seg of ep series 'The South Bank Show'

1985        Billy Bragg [David Thomas] doc/?m; cph: Peter Middleton; seg of ep series 'The South Bank Show'

1985        A World Market in Jobs [Stephen Engelhard & Judy Jackson] doc/60m; cph: Anne Cottringer & Christopher O'Dell; ep

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1985        The Planets [ep #1 'The Children of the Sun', #2 'Venus and Mercury' & #3 'The Blue Planet' dir by Paul Fisher] 7-part

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1985        Man and Music: Composer and Court [Tony Cash & Dennis Marks (co-d ep #4 'Liszt in Weimar')] 4-part mus doc series

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1988        Forever Green [ep #1-6 dir by David Giles] 18-part series, 1989 & 1992; 1st series, 1989 (6 ep); wildlife ph: Simon King

                    & Tony Shepherd

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1991        The Blackheath Poisonings [Stuart Orme] 3-part miniseries

1992        A Sense of History [Mike Leigh] tvm/30m

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1994        Pleasure [Ian Sharp] tvm; or ph Wayne Mottershead

1994        The Great Kandinsky [Terry Winsor] tvm

1994        Life's a Bitch [Coky Giedroyc] tvm/30m

1995        Deadly Voyage [John Mackenzie] tvm; ep BBC-tv series 'Screen Two'


1968        Loving Feeling/She Loved with Her Boots On [Norman J. Warren] clapper-loader; ph: Peter Jessop

1969        A Promise of Bed/This, That and the Other! [Derek Ford] co-camera; ph: Stanley A. Long

1969        The Wife Swappers [Derek Ford] c.op; ph: Stanley A. Long

1969        What's Good for the Goose/Girl Trouble [Menahem Golan] clapper-loader; ph: William Brayne

1974        A Bigger Splash [Jack Hazan; doc] co-c.op; ph: J. Hazan

1980        Rude Boy [Jack Hazan & David Mingay] co-c.op; ph: J. Hazan

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1996        AC/DC: No Bull [David Mallet; mus doc] co-c.op; ph: Peter Sinclair

1997        [Andrew Lloyd Webber's] Cats [David Mallet; musical] co-add c.op; ph: Nic Knowland