Born: 27 August 1955, Hamburg, Germany, as Sven A. Kirsten.

Education: Studied Photo and Optics, Berlin; San Francisco Art Institute [1980]; American Film Institute [graduated in 1982].

Career: After his study in Berlin he became a c.asst working for NDR-tv. Went to the USA [California] when he turned 25. After finishing the AFI, he started working on music videos as a gaffer and began ph himself in 1987 with the Tom Waits' video 'Blow Wind Blow'. Ph music videos with a: Billy Joel, The Cramps, Alice In Chains, a.o. Ph commercials for Toyota, McDonalds, Kellogg's, a.o. Wrote the book 'The Book of Tiki' [2000], an example of 'urban archaeology' and a thorough exploration and explanation of the nearly-defunct American pop 'Tiki' cult or style inspired by aspects of Polynesian culture.


1977        Punk in London [Wolfgang Büld] c; doc/111m; cph: Helge Weindler & Willy Brunner

1984        Grottenolm [Rainer Kirberg] c

1987        Tom Waits - Big Time [Chris Blum] c; concert film/87m; lighting cons + co-c.op; ph: Daniel Hainey

1990        Final Stage [Barry Primus] c; short/35m

1991        Liquid Dreams [Mark S. Manos] c

1991        Mistress/Hollywood Mistress [Barry Primus] c

1992        Doppelganger: The Evil Within [Avi Nesher] c; efx ph: David Stump

1993        Teresa's Tattoo/Natural Selection/Mystery Model [Julie Cypher] c

1994        Play Time [Dale Trevillion] c

1994        Beyond Desire/Vegas Heat [Dominique Othenin-Girard] c

1995        Mörderische Zwillinge [Dominique Othenin-Girard] tvm

1996        Der Venusmörder [Dominique Othenin-Girard] tvm

1996        Adrenalin [Dominique Othenin-Girard] tvm; 2uc: Christoph Chassée

1996        No Strings Attached [Josef Rusnak] c; addph; ph: Wedigo von Schultzendorff

1997        Die Sieben Feuer des Todes [Carlo Rola] tvm

1997        Die heilige Hure [Dominique Othenin-Girard] tvm/95m; the 'Director's Cut' (2000) is 105m

1998        Die Fremde in meiner Brust [Dominique Othenin-Girard] tvm

1998        Sieben Tage bis zum Glück [Peter Ily Huemer] tvm

1998        Schrei - denn ich werde dich töten!/School's Out/Scream Before I Kill You [Robert Sigl] tvm/16mm

1999        Liebe ist stärker als der Tod [Dominique Othenin-Girard] tvm

1999        Nie mehr Zweite Liga [Kaspar Heidelbach] tvm

1999        Neonnächte - Der U-Bahn-Schlitzer [Peter Ily Huemer] tvm

2000        Die Traumprinzen [Marc Hertel] tvm

2000        Das Mädcheninternat - Deine Schreie wird niemand hören/Dead Island: Schools Out 2/Isle of Fear/School's

                    Out 2 - Die Insel der Angst [Robert Sigl] tvm

2000        Ich kämpfe, solange du lebst [Donald Krämer] tvm/16mm

2001        Love Crash [Donald Krämer] tvm

2002        Mann gesucht, Liebe gefunden [Dennis Satin] tvm

2003        White-Out/I Know What You Did Last Winter [Emilio Ferrari] V/c

2003        Wilsberg [ep #9 'Letzter Ausweg: Mord' dir by Dennis Satin (DS) & #10 'Der Minister und das Mädchen' dir by DS] series,

                    1995 & 1998-04

2003        Broti & Pacek - Irgendwas ist immer [various] 22-part series/16mm, 2002-04; 2nd season, 2003-04; other ph: Dario

                    Sedo (3 ep) & Valentin Kurz; 2uc: Dirk Morgenstern

2004        Liebe in der Warteschleife [Dennis Satin] tvm

2004        Sommer mit Hausfreund [Dennis Satin] tvm; 2uc: Matthias Bolliger

2004        Edel & Starck [various] series/16mm, 2002-present; 4th season, 2005; other ph: Anton Peschke & Jochen Radermacher


1978        Brennende Langeweile [Wolfgang Büld; tvm] scrpl; ph: Helge Weindler

1983        Hardbodies [Mark Griffiths] electrician; ph: Tom Richmond

1987        Slamdance/Slam Dance [Wayne Wang] gaffer; ph: Amir Mokri

1988        Les Français vus par/The French as Seen by... [seg 'The Cowboy and the Frenchman' dir by David Lynch; tv-series]

                    electrician; ph: Frederick Elmes