Born: 17 June 1950, Summit, New Jersey, USA, as Anthony C. Jannelli.

Career: Was c.asst in New York [1974-80] and c.op [1980-95].

Teaches at New York University Tisch School of the Arts Asia [Department of Graduate Film] in Singapore. Was dir [summer 2008] of the PeachCraft PerformanceMedia Conservatory of Filmmaking in Summit, New Jersey, and was cred as co-prod on the following short films: 'Say What?' [d: Kyra Morling], 'The Pen' [d: Matthew Marvin], 'OURSPACE' [d: Ben Romero], 'Locked In' [d: Lauren Morra], 'I Am' [d: Elyssa Caudio], 'Blanket and Me' [d: Melissa Lawson] & 'Best Love' [d: Rachel Donahue].


1985        Incredible Journey [Douglas Sloan] c; comm doc/?m; for Delco Electronics (General Motors)

1985        Key Exchange [Barnet Kellman] c; co-addph; ph: Fred Murphy

1987        Arena Brains [Robert Longo] c; short/32m

1989        Point of View - Gourmet [Douglas Sloan] ?; doc/?m; for Gourmet Magazine

1989        Longtime Companion [Norman René] c

1990        Little Man Tate [Jodie Foster] c; 2uc; ph: Mike Southon

1991        Cousin Bobby [Jonathan Demme] 16mm-35bu/c; doc/69m; cph: Ernest Dickerson, Craig Haagensen, Jacek Laskus &

                    Declan Quinn; also aired as ep of PBS-tv series 'P.O.V.'

1993        Dead On [Ralph Hemecker] c

1994        Let It Be Me/Love Dance [Eleanor Bergstein] c; addph; ph: Miroslav Ondrícek

1995        Beautiful Girls [Ted Demme] c; 2uc; ph: Adam Kimmel

1995        [National Lampoon's] Favorite Deadly Sins [seg 'Lust' dir by Denis Leary] c; seg 'Greed' and 'Anger' dir by David

                    Jablin and ph by Jamie Thompson

1996        Men in Black [Barry Sonnenfeld] c; co-2uc; ph: Don Peterman

1996        Lovelife [Jon Harmon Feldman] c

1997        Strike!/The Hairy Bird/All I Wanna Do [Sarah Kernochan] c

1997        Storefront Hitchcock [Jonathan Demme] c; concert doc/77m

1998        8MM [Joel Schumacher] s35/c; 2uc New York; ph: Robert Elswit

1998        18 Shades of Dust/Hitman's Journal/The Sicilian Code [Danny Aiello III] c

1998        The White River Kid/White River [Arne Glimcher] c; 2uc; ph: Michael Chapman

1998        Everything's Jake [Matthew Miele] c

1999        Locust Valley [Peter Lauer] c

1999        Scout's Honor [Neil Leifer] mdv/c; short/?m

2001        Spider-Man [Sam Raimi] c; co-2uc; ph: Don Burgess

2002        Don't Nobody Love the Game More Than Me [Martha Pinson] c; short/10m

2002        A Decade Under the Influence [Ted Demme & Richard LaGravenese] HD-to-35mm/b&w-c; doc/108m & 152m; cph:

                    Clyde W. Smith

2002        Maid in Manhattan/Uptown Girl [Wayne Wang] p/c; 2uc; ph: Karl-Walter Lindenlaub

2004        The Manchurian Candidate [Jonathan Demme] c; 2uc Washington/New York; ph: Tak Fujimoto

2004        God's Forgotten House [Justin Golding] c

2005        Get Rich or Die Tryin' [Jim Sheridan] s35/c; 2uc New York; ph: Declan Quinn

With Debora Souza - "Veronica's Trip"

2006        Veronica's Trip/Madonna's Trip [Debora Souza] c; short/?m; + co-prod; filmed in March

2007        James Castle: Portrait of an Artist [Jeffrey Wolf] c; doc/53m; addph: Bob Richman; prod Foundation for Self-Taught

                    American Artists

2007        iMurders/Chat Room [Robbie Bryan] announced as ph, but film was ph by Hiroo Takaoka

2008        Young Love [Emily Carmichael] dv/b&w-c; short/9m


1987        WonderWorks [ep (55m) 'Gryphon' dir by Mark Cullingham] 6-part series, 1988; other ph: Gregory Andracke, Orlando

                    Bagwell, John McLean & John Toll

1987        Trying Times [ep #1 'A Family Tree' dir by Jonathan Demme] 12-part series, 1987 & 1989; 1st season, 1987

1991        Women & Men 2 [: In Love There Are No Rules] [: Three Short Stories]/The Art of Seduction [seg #2 'A

                    Domestic Dilemma' dir by Kristi Zea] tvm; seg 'Return to Kansas City' dir by Walter Bernstein and ph by Richard

                    Quinlan; seg 'Mara' dir by Mike Figgis and ph by Jean-François Robin

1995        Blown Sideways Through Life [Christopher Ashley] perf/60m; ep PBS-tv 'American Playhouse'

1995        Educating Matt Waters [various] 6-part series, 1996; other ph: Sandi Sissel (pilot)

1996        The Pretender [pilot dir by Rick Wallace] 86-part series, 1996-2000; 1st season, 1996-97; other ph: Rodney Charters &

                    Thomas Jewett

1996        Subway Stories: Tales from the Underground [seg 'Subway Car from Hell’ dir by Jonathan Demme] tvm/82m/10 seg;

                    other ph: Adam Kimmel (seg dir by Ted Demme), Ken Kelsch (7 seg) & Tom Hurwitz (seg dir by Craig McKay)

1997        Dellaventura [various] 13-part series, 1997-98; other ph: Edward J. Pei

1997        On the Line [Elodie Keene] tvm

1998        Point Last Seen [Elodie Keene] tvm; addph; ph: James Bartle

1999        Law & Order: Special Victims Unit [22 ep dir by various] series, 1999-present; 1st season, 1999-2000

2000        Arrest & Trial [ep #1 dir by Rob Port, Eddie Barbini & Gerald Massimei] 113-part doc series, 2000-02; other ph: Yoram

                    Astrakhan, Sean Finnegan & Terence Pratt

2002        Queens Supreme/Queens Justice [pilot (ep #2) dir by Tim Robbins] 13-part (10 unaired) series, 2003; other ph: Ron

                    Fortunato (2 ep)

2002        Ed [ep #49 'The Divorce' dir by Oz Scott] 83-part series, 2000-04; 3rd season, 2002-03; other ph: Michael Slovis (21 ep)

2003        Ed [various] 4th season, 2003-04; other ph: Michael Caracciolo & Michael Slovis; see 2002

2006        I'm from Rolling Stone [Norman Green] 10-part reality series, 2007; cph: Alexis Boling; for MTV


1983        Exterminator 2 [Mark Buntzman] c.op New York; ph: Bob Baldwin & Joseph Mangine

1984        C.H.U.D. [Douglas Cheek] ph: Peter Stein

1985        Compromising Positions [Frank Perry] ph: Barry Sonnenfeld

1985        Doubletake [Jud Taylor; 2-part tvm] ph: Barry Sonnenfeld

1985        Classified Love [Don Taylor; tvm] ph: Barry Sonnenfeld

1985        The Protector/Wei long meng tan [Jackie Chan & James Glickenhaus] add c.op New York; ph: Mark Irwin

1986        Something Wild [Jonathan Demme] ph: Tak Fujimoto

1986        The House on Carroll Street [Peter Yates] ph: Michael Ballhaus

1987        Bad [Martin Scorsese; music video] ph: Michael Chapman

1987        Three Men and a Baby [Leonard Nimoy] co-c.op New York; ph: Adam Greenberg

1987        Big [Penny Marshall] ph: Barry Sonnenfeld

1988        True Believer [Joseph Ruben] c.op New York; ph: John Lindley

1988        New York Stories [seg 'Life Lessons' dir by Martin Scorsese] ph: Néstor Almendros

1988        Love Hurts [Bud Yorkin] c.op New York; ph: Adam Greenberg

1988        Ghostbusters II [Ivan Reitman] co-c.op 2u; 2uc: Rexford Metz; ph: Michael Chapman

1990        Made in Milan [Martin Scorsese; doc] ph: Néstor Almendros

1990        Funny About Love [Leonard Nimoy] co-c.op; ph: Fred Murphy

1990        The Silence of the Lambs [Jonathan Demme] ph: Tak Fujimoto

1990        Billy Bathgate [Robert Benton] ph: Néstor Almendros

1992        Whispers in the Dark [Christopher Crowe] ph: Michael Chapman

1992        For Love or Money/The Concierge [Barry Sonnenfeld] ph: Oliver Wood

1992        Philadelphia [Jonathan Demme] ph: Tak Fujimoto

1993        Here Is Mariah Carey/There's Only One Mariah Carey [Larry Jordan; tv-concert film] co-c.op; ph: Daniel Pearl

1993        The Look of the Year [Marina Sargenti; tv-doc] co-c.op; ph: Robert Brinkmann

1993        Renaissance Man/By the Book/Army Intelligence [Penny Marshall] co-c.op; ph: Adam Greenberg

1994        Miracle on 34th Street [Les Mayfield] c.op New York unit; ph: Julio Macat

1994        Major Payne [Nick Castle] co-add c.op; ph: Richard Bowen

1995        Red Hot + Country [John Carlin & Richie Vetter; concert film] co-c.op; ph: Adam Kimmel

1995        Independence Day [Roland Emmerich] co-c.op New York; ph: Karl-Walter Lindenlaub

2005        Neil Young: Heart of Gold/Prairie Wind [Jonathan Demme; concert film] co-c.op; ph: Ellen Kuras

2006        Shine a Light [Martin Scorsese; mus doc] co-c.op; ph: Robert Richardson

2008        Neil Young Trunk Show [Jonathan Demme; mus doc] co-c.op; ph: Declan Quinn