Photo by William Kallay





Born: 16 February 1940, Pasadena, Calif., USA, as John Charles Hora.

Education: Film School of the University of Southern California [USC], Los Angeles, USA.

Career: 'My father was an advanced amateur still photographer who attended Art Center School of Design. My maternal grandfather had his own photo studio in Missouri. I grew up in a house of cameras, film, darkrooms, old glass plates, photography books and magazines. […] None of my teachers at USC had worked in "Hollywood." We were told that no USC graduate had worked even one day for the studios, and that was accurate. Dick Kendal was my photography instructor. He had full command of all things technical and was a friend of Jimmy Wong Howe, who visited us on occasion. One of the best things about USC was seeing films; there was no home video at that time, so seeing films from every genre and country every night was unusual, wonderful and important. […] My mother demanded that I get a paying job, and a friend whose father was in advertising directed me to John Urie and Associates, a commercial-production company. I was hired on the basis of the experimental abstract films I had made with Dennis Jakob. I shot 'experimental projects' for Urie and also worked as 1st AC for Ed Martin, another mentor.' [From the ASC website.]

Ph commercials.

Member of the ASC since 1985.

Appeared in the doc's 'Unleashing the Beast: Making "The Howling"' [2003, Jeffrey Schwarz; ph: David A. Ford & Jim Newport] & 'Welcome to Werewolfland' [2004, Jörg Bauer; ph: Jim Newport].



New Gladiators [Bob Hammer] 16mm/c; doc/94m; cph: Allen Daviau; financed by Elvis Presley; found, restored and released on DVD in 2002


Maurie/Big Mo [Daniel Mann] c


The Further Adventures of the Wilderness Family/The Wilderness Family, Part 2 [Frank Zuniga] c; addph: Costa Nichols & James Roberson; aph: John Stevens


The Howling [Joe Dante] c; 2uc: Stephen Posey


Creature from the Black Lagoon [Joe Dante] shot tests in Stereovision 3-D; unrealized


Liar's Moon [David Fisher] b&w-c


Twilight Zone - The Movie [seg #3 'It's a Good Life' dir by Joe Dante] c; other ph: Allen Daviau (seg #2 & #4) & Stevan Larner (prologue & seg #1); efx ph: Jim Danforth; matte ph: Hoyt Yeatman


Gremlins [Joe Dante] c; process ph: Bill Hansard


The Terminator [James Cameron] was asked to become the doph, but turned down the offer because the film was a non-union prod and Hora had just joined the local; film was ph by Adam Greenberg in 1984


Explorers [Joe Dante] c; addph: Charles Correll; 2uc: Jack Cooperman; vfx ph: Don Dow; matte ph: Wade Childress & Paul Huston


The Jogger [Robert Resnikoff] p/c; short/30m; also ep of Showtime-tv '30-Minute Movie'


Moonwalker [seg 'Smooth Criminal' dir by Colin Chilvers] c; 7 anthology seg ph by Tom Ackerman, Bob Collins, Fred Elmes & Crescenzo Notarile; filmed February 1987-May 1988


Loverboy [Joan Micklin Silver] c


The 'burbs' [Joe Dante] c; addph; ph: Robert Stevens


UHF/The Vidiot From UHF [Jay Levey] c; ph Introvision fantasy seq; ph: David Lewis


Gremlins 2: The New Batch [Joe Dante] c; spec vfx ph: Bill Neil; + small part (not in the final cut)


Honey, I Blew Up the Kid [Randal Kleiser] c; 2uc: Allen Easton; vfx ph: John V. Fante; + small part


Matinee [Joe Dante] c; vfx ph: Bill Neil


The Batman Adventure [Hoyt Yeatman] c; theme park 'ride' film/5m; live action ph; for Warner Bros. Movie World (Australia)


The Journey Inside [Barnaby Jackson] IMAX-70mm/c; doc/40m


God Said, "Ha!" [Julia Sweeney] c; one-woman show/85m; 2uc: Seo Mutarevic


Cirque du Soleil: Journey of Man [Keith Melton] IMAX-70mm (3-D)/c; short/39m; ph Banquine seq; ph: Reed Smoot


John Hora & Cinerama camera [from the doc "The Last Days of Cinerama"]



In the Picture [David Strohmaier] cr (3x 35mm, 6 perforations, 26 frames per second)/c; short/30m; co-doph: Douglas Knapp; For the 60th anniversary (1952-2012) of the Cinerama process, one of the original three-headed cameras (camera #3; see photo above) was restored to operating condition and used to make this short film (a travelogue of Los Angeles featuring two couples [just as in 'Cinerama Holiday'] taking in the sights). This was the first time the three-panel widescreen system had been employed to make a film since 1962.




Psst! Hammerman's After You!/The 18th Emergency [Jack Regas] tvm; an ABC-tv 'Afterschool Special'


Strange Companions [Frank Zuniga] tvm


[Kenny Rogers as] The Gambler [Dick Lowry] tvm; addph; ph: Joseph Biroc


Eerie, Indiana [pilot 'ForeverWare' dir by Joe Dante] 19-part series, 1991-92; other ph: Jonathan West




Exercise No. One/On the Highway [Fred Zinnemann (superv)] 16mm/b&w; short/9m; member of prod team; superv ph: Terry Sanders; prod USC


Innerspace [Joe Dante] small part; ph: Andrew Laszlo


Cinerama Adventure [David Strohmaier; doc] special thanks; ph: Gerald Saldo


Cigarette [Daniel Roemer; short] co-thanks; ph: William Del Rosario


The Last Days of Cinerama [Mike Celestino & Robert Garren; doc] appearance; ph is uncred