Born: ?, as Michael A. Hofstein.

Career: Learned his craft as c.asst and later c.op [for John Bailey, a.o.] during the 1970s and early 80s at Paramount Studios and 20th Century Fox. Ph commercials for McDonalds, Volkswagen, Mattel, l'Oréal, a.o. Ph music videos. Co-wrote a chapter published in the American Cinematographer Manual about the preparation of the camera for production. As a member of an Eastman Kodak Company focus group in the mid 1990s, he helped in the research and development of the low contrast ultra latitude 320T-5287 color negative film. Teaches at the International Film and TV Workshop, Rockport, Maine. Married to stuntwoman/stunt coordinator Marian Green.

On 'Ice Planet': "I've looked at paintings all my life and base my filming decisions on certain artists' concepts. I lit the interior of the ice caves like an Italian Renaissance painting, whereas for the closer quarters I created the ambience of a Rembrandt painting with pools of light rimming the faces." The artistic approach of Michael Hofstein, Los Angeles-based Director of Photography, has resulted in superb visual effects in 'Ice Planet', a futuristic new science fiction film.

Set hundreds of years in the future off the planet Jupiter, a colony from earth is attacked by aliens. A spaceship carries the survivors to the Ice Planet, but their battles continue. The aliens are being added in post-production, along with many other visual effects.

"There was a gigantic 5,000 m² of stage," recalls Hofstein, "and the technical challenges were massive. I needed a higher speed stock that would give me the look and the latitude I required, together with a range of colours. Kodak 35mm Vision 500T (5279) is exquisite; it fulfilled all my expectations and proved to be incredibly versatile." Kodak 35mm Vision 200T (5274) was used for a short exterior dream sequence. Hofstein worked with ARRI 535B and 535AB cameras and an ARRI 435 for the wide-screen high-speed shots, 10mm to 150mm Zeiss lenses and a 200mm Century Precision Optics lens.

Hundreds of lighting units, c-stands, scrims, diffusion and flags were needed for the myriad sets, linked corridors and stage 'exteriors'. "I created a very warm tone for the space station 'exterior' sets with a combination of tungsten lights and CTS/CTO gel to represent Jupiter's reddish glow. That warm theme was carried to the space station corridors, although I changed the lighting between night and day because the human colony needed to maintain a rhythmic sense. The control room and command areas required a more mechanical, militaristic type of tone, so I had tungsten lights with blue gels. A deep red gel on pulsating tungsten units and a lighting change gave the effect of 'Red Alert.'"

Several rear-lit green screens and one front-lit green screen [47 meters in length x 6 meters high] were used to create composite views of Jupiter and space. On one set at Kirkov Base, there were eighty rear-lit panels on dimmers linked to a control board, each using a different light. Also in this set there was a rear-lit green screen. "I developed a rear-lit screen to reduce green screen spill for 'Drop Zone' and felt comfortable using it again," he adds.

Hofstein wanted a cold, foreboding look for the vast ice fields and caves, similar to the thick early morning fog that blanketed the fields while he was filming in Munich. Special effects supplied the heavy fog and several Licht Technik's 'Bag-o-Lights' were used for lighting. An ARRI 4kW HMI was placed in each of the inflated translucent tubes and covered with 1/4 CTO; with the aid of computer-controlled colour changers, an aurora borealis form of 'other worldly' light was successfully created from beyond the fog.

"It was an incredibly long and involved shoot and communicating between several cultures and several languages was a real challenge," admits Hofstein, "but the only real hitch was when we attempted to remove several walls during set changes; they were so well constructed that we ended up having to literally tear them apart. I tried my best to explain to the crew that in Los Angeles, sets are built to withstand 7.0 earthquakes but we are still able to remove the walls for shooting!" [From the KODAK website.]


1986        Aloha Summer [Tommy Lee Wallace] c; addph + 2uc; ph: Steven Poster

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