Born: 24 August 1957, ?.

Education: New York University [Film].

Career: Started career at General Camera [equipment]. Worked at Griner/Cuesta & Schrom, a New York commercial prod company. After seven years under the tutelage of Norman Griner, he began shooting music videos. Ph commercials dir by Norman Griner, a.o. Was 2u director [Georgia] of 'Straight Talk' [1991, Barnet Kellman; ph: Peter Sova].


1988        Lean on Me [John G. Avildsen] c

1989        The Dive/Plongée vers l'enfer [Tristan DeVere Cole] c

1990        Rocky V [John G. Avildsen] c; addph; ph: Steven Poster

1990        Going Under/Dive! [Mark W. Travis] c

1990        Falling from Grace [John Mellencamp] c

1991        House of Cards [Michael Lessac] c

1992        Love Potion No. 9/Love Potion #9 [Dale Launer] c; ph L.A.; ph: William Wages

1992        Surf Ninjas/Surf Warriors [Neal Israel] c; cph: Arthur Albert; 2uc: Philip Holahan; Hawaii-ph: Yuri Farrant

1992        The Program [David S. Ward] c

1993        8 Seconds/Eight Seconds to Glory/The Lane Frost Story [John G. Avildsen] c

1993        Roommates [Peter Yates] c; co-addph; ph: Mike Southon

1993        Major League II [David S. Ward] c; 2uc: John M. Stephens

1994        Heavyweights [Steven Brill] c

1994        Billy Madison [Tamra Davis] c

1995        Down Periscope [David S. Ward] c; 2uc: John M. Stephens; miniature ph: Les Bernstein

1997        Sour Grapes [Larry David] c

2003        Welcome to Mooseport [Donald Petrie] c; 2uc: Glen Keenan

2005        Firehouse Dog/Rexxx [Todd Holland] c; 2uc: Michael Spicer & Jim Westenbrink

2006        Big Stan [Rob Schneider] c


1988        Miami Vice [ep #113 'Leap of Faith' dir by Robert Iscove] 114-part series, 1984-89; 5th season, 1988-89; other ph:

                    Oliver Wood & Michael McGowan

1996        Things That Go Bump [Rod Daniel] special/60m

1996        Feds [ep #1 'Crash and Burn' dir by John David Coles] 6-part series, 1997; other ph: Constantine Makris

1997        Players [various] 18-part series, 1997-98; other ph: Glenn Kershaw

1998        Maximum Bob [various] 7-part series; other ph: Bill Pope

1999        D.C. [various] 7-part series, 2000

1999        Kilroy [Todd Holland] tvm

1999        Malcolm in the Middle [pilot dir by Todd Holland] series, 2000-present; 1st season, 2000; other ph: Levie Isaacks

2000        FreakyLinks [various] 13-part series, 2000-01

2001        Till Dad Do Us Part [Randall Miller] tvm

2001        Ball & Chain [Todd Holland] pilot; aph: John Trapman

2002        Andy Richter Controls the Universe [pilot dir by Andy Ackerman (AA), ep #2 'Grief Counselor' dir by AA, #3 'Little

                    Andy in Charge' dir by AA, #4 'Second Episode' dir by AA, #5 'Gimme a C' dir by Will Mackenzie & #6 'Wedding' dir by

                    AA] 19-part (5 unaired) series, 2002-03; 1st season, 2002; addph on pilot; other ph (pilot): Levie Isaacks

2002        Andy Richter Controls the Universe [ep #9 'France' dir by John Fortenberry & #12 'The Show Might Go On' dir by Andy

                    Ackerman] 2nd season, 2002-03; other ph: Stephen C. Confer; see above

2002        The Time Tunnel [Todd Holland] pilot

2002        girls club [pilot dir by Todd Holland & ep #2 'Book of Virtues' dir by Jack Bender] 13-part (11 unaired) series

2003        Wonderfalls [pilot 'Wax Lion' dir by Todd Holland + 12 ep dir by various] 13-part (9 unaired) series, 2004; all ep

                     appeared on DVD in 2005

2004        Veronica Mars [pilot dir by Mark Piznarski & 12 ep dir by various] 64-part series/s16, 2004-07; 1st season, 2004-05;

                    other ph: Joaquin Sedillo

2005        Amy Coyne [Todd Holland] pilot/60m for FOX-tv

2005        My Name Is Earl [pilot dir by Marc Buckland & ep dir by various] series, 2005-present; other ph: Feliks Parnell

2006        In Case of Emergency [pilot dir by Jon Favreau] 13-part (1 unaired) series, 2007; other ph: Dave Perkal

2007        Miss Guided [ep #1 'Homecoming' dir by Todd Holland (TH), #2 'Hot Sub' dir by TH, #3 'The List' dir by TH & #6 'High

                    School Musical' dir by TH] 7-part series, 2008

2008        90210 [pilot dir by Mark Piznarski] series