[Right] with ph Attila Szalay [left] & dir John Fortenberry


Born: ?, Hungary, as László Gyuriko George. Went to Canada in 1959.

Education: State Academy of Theatre and Film Art, Budapest.

Career: Also active as still ph.

Awards: CFTA Cinematography Award [1977] for 'Silent Sky'; 'Genie' Award nom [1979] for 'Running'; 'Genie' Award nom [1985] for 'Draw!'; Kodak New Century Lifetime Achievement Award [1995]; ASC TV Award nom [1996] for 'Zoya'; 'Gemini' Award nom [1999] for 'Scandalous Me: The Jacqueline Susann Story'; 'Leo' Award 'Best Cinematography' nom [2005] for 'Lies Like Truth'.

Website: Laszlo George


1966        A Place to Stand [Christopher Chapman] 35mm-70bu/c; doc/17m; co-addph; ph: C. Chapman; for EXPO '67, Montreal

1969        Homer [John Trent] c

1977        Silent Sky [Laszlo George, David Mackay & Douglas Murray] IMAX-70/c; doc/18m; + co-prod

1978        Living Planet [Dennis Earl Moore] IMAX-70/c; comm doc/30m; cph: Burleigh Wartes; for National Air and Space Museum, Washington, D.C.

1978        Running/Le vainqueur [Steven H. Stern] c

1979        Nothing Personal [George Bloomfield] c; cph: Arthur Ibbetson

1979        Circle of Two/Obsession [Jules Dassin] c; 2uc: Jean Badal

1984        The Bear [Richard Sarafian] c; 2uc: Alan Caso, Mark Davison & Barry Gordon; addph: Jeff Wolf

1986        Rolling Vengeance/Monster Truck [Steven H. Stern] c

1990        Morning Glory [Steven H. Stern] c

1992        Intersection [Mark Rydell] c; 2uc; ph: Vilmos Zsigmond

1995        Maternal Instincts [George Kaczender] c

2004        Lies Like Truth [Michael John Bateman] c

2006        Chekhov and Maria [Eric Till] c


1977        The Fighting Men/Men of Steel [Donald Shebib] tvm/16mm; cph: Vic Sarin

1981        Parole [Michael Tuchner] tvm

1982        Falcon's Gold/Robbers of the Sacred Mountain [Bob Schulz] pilot; cph: Alberto Arellano; also released theatrically

1982        [Rona Jaffe's] Mazes and Monsters/Dungeons and Dragons [Steven H. Stern] tvm

1983        Draw! [Steven H. Stern] tvm

1984        The Undergrads [Steven H. Stern] tvm

1984        The Park Is Mine [Steven H. Stern] tvm

1985        Murder in Space [Steven H. Stern] tvm

1985        A Masterpiece of Murder [Charles Dubin] tvm

1985        A Letter to Three Wives [Larry Elikann] tvm

1985        Vanishing Act/Hoax [David Greene] tvm

1985        Young Again [Steven H. Stern] tvm; a Disney Sunday Movie

1986        Many Happy Returns [Steven H. Stern] tvm

1986        That Secret Sunday/Betrayal of Trust [Richard A. Colla] tvm

1986        Stranger in My Bed [Larry Elikann] tvm

1986        Hands of a Stranger/Double Standard [Larry Elikann] tvm

1987        Stranger on My Land [Larry Elikann] tvm

1987        God Bless the Child [Larry Elikann] tvm

1987        Something Is Out There/Invader [Richard A. Colla] 2-part pilot; ph USA; ph Australia: Geoff Burton

1987        Assault and Matrimony [James Frawley] tvm; addph; ph: Dick Bush

1988        A Stoning in Fulham County/The Amish Story [Larry Elikann] tvm

1988        Swimsuit/Swimsuit: The Movie [Chris Thomson] tvm

1989        Tarzan in Manhattan [Michael Schultz] tvm

1989        Roxanne: The Prize Pulitzer [Richard A. Colla] tvm

1989        No Place Like Home [Lee Grant] tvm; cph: Tony Pierce-Roberts

1989        Hardball [various] 18-part series, 1989-90; other ph: Rick Bota; uwph: Michael Mileham

1989        Turn Back the Clock [Larry Elikann] tvm/b&w-c

1989        Glory Days [various] 6-part series, 1990

1989        The Kennedys of Massachusetts [Lamont Johnson] 5-part miniseries, 1990

1989        Last Flight Out [: A True Story] [Larry Elikann] tvm

1990        Storm and Sorrow [Richard A. Colla] tvm; cph: Iván Márk

1990        [Danielle Steel's] Kaleidoscope [Jud Taylor] tvm

1990        Always Remember I Love You [Michael Miller] tvm

1991        A Seduction in Travis County/Blind Judgement [George Kaczender] tvm

1991        [Danielle Steel's] Daddy [Michael Miller] tvm

1991        Christmas on Division Street [George Kaczender] tvm

1991        Diagnosis of Murder [Christopher Hibler] tvm/b&w-c; also pilot (#1 of 3) for series 'Diagnosis Murder', 1993-2001

1991        The House on Sycamore Street/Murder on Sycamore Street [Christian I. Nyby II] tvm; also pilot (#2 of 3) for series 'Diagnosis Murder'

1992        Terror on Track 9 [Robert Iscove] tvm

1992        Mrs. 'arris Goes to Paris [Anthony Shaw] tvm

1992        Kung Fu: The Legend Continues [ Jud Taylor] tvm (re-edited as ep #1 & 2 'Initiation' of 88-part series, 1993-97); vfx

                    ph: John Lesavage; series ph: Robert C. New & Barry Bergthorson; 2uc: Clive Sacke (seasons #1 & 2) & Milan

                    Podsedly (season #3)

1992        Jack's Place [various] 18-part series, 1992-93; 2uc + aph: A.J. Vesak

1992        The Women of Windsor [Steven H. Stern] 2-part tvm; 2uc UK: Frank Tidy

1993        Betrayal of Trust/Under the Influence/The Barbara Noel Story [George Kaczender] tvm

1993        [Judith Krantz's] Dazzle [Richard A. Colla] 2-part tvm

1993        Island City [Jorge Montesi] tvm

1994        Heart of a Child [Sandor Stern] tvm; 2uc + aph: A.J. Vesak

1994        Ray Alexander: A Menu For Murder [Gary Nelson] tvm; 2uc: A.J. Vesak

1994        Where Are My Children? [George Kaczender] tvm

1994        A Family Divided/Mother Love [Donald Wrye] tvm; 2uc: A.J. Vesak

1994        [Moment of Truth:] The Other Mother [Bethany Rooney] tvm

1995        The Silence of Adultery [Steven H. Stern] tvm

1995        [Danielle Steel's] Zoya [Richard A. Colla] 2-part tvm

1995        Picture Perfect [Joseph L. Scanlan] tvm

1995        Hart to Hart: Two Harts in ž Time [Michael Tuchner] tvm

1996        Hart to Hart: Harts in High Season [Christian I. Nyby II] tvm; 2uc: Attila Szalay

1996        Hart to Hart: Till Death Do Us Hart [Tom Mankiewicz] tvm

1996        [Danielle Steel's] Remembrance [Bethany Rooney] tvm

1996        Color Me Perfect [Michele Lee] tvm

1996        When Innocence Is Lost [Bethany Rooney] tvm

1996        The Stepsister [Charles Correll] tvm

1997        All the Winters That Have Been [Lamont Johnson] tvm

1997        Goldrush: A Real Life Alaskan Adventure/Gold Rush! [John Power] tvm; 2uc + aph: A.J. Vesak; ep ABC-tv series

                    'The Wonderful World of Disney'

1997        [Mary Higgins Clark's] Let Me Call You Sweetheart [Bill Corcoran] tvm

1997        When Husbands Cheat [Richard A. Colla] tvm

1997        Mr. Headmistress [James Frawley] tvm; ep ABC-tv series 'The Wonderful World of Disney'

1998        The Promise [Bethany Rooney] tvm

1998        Scandalous Me: The Jacqueline Susann Story [Bruce McDonald] tvm

1998        Ultimate Deception/Ultimate Betrayal [Richard A. Colla] tvm

1998        Cruel Justice/Don't Touch My Daughter [Gregory Goodell] tvm

1998        God's New Plan/No Higher Love [Michael Switzer] tvm

1999        A Murder on Shadow Mountain/Unconditional Love [Dick Lowry] tvm; aph: A.J. Vesak

1999        The Loretta Claiborne Story [Lee Grant] tvm; ep ABC-tv series 'The Wonderful World of Disney'

1999        My Mother, the Spy/North By Northshore [Elodie Keene] tvm

1999        Model Behavior [Mark Rosman] tvm; ep ABC-tv series 'The Wonderful World of Disney'

2000        Christy, Choices of the Heart, Part I: A Change of Seasons [George Kaczender] tvm; ph North Carolina: Michael K. Bucher

2000        Christy, Choices of the Heart, Part II: A New Beginning [Don McBrearty] tvm; ph North Carolina: Michael K. Bucher

2000        Christy: The Movie/Christy: Return to Cutter Gap [Chuck Bowman] tvm; ph North Carolina: Michael K. Bucher

2000        The Hostage Negotiator [Keoni Waxman] tvm

2001        Framed [Daniel Petrie Jr.] tvm

2001        Just Cause [2-part pilot dir by Bill Corcoran & ep dir by various] 22-part series, 2002-03; other ph: Ken & Anton Krawczyk

2004        Evel Knievel [John Badham] tvm; 2uc; ph: Ron Stannett

2007        The Secret of the Nutcracker [Eric Till] tvm

2007        Reaper [ep #14 'Rebellion' dir by Kevin Dowling & #15 'Coming to Grips' dir by Michael Grossman] 31-part series,

                    2007-09; 1st season, 2007-08; other ph: Attila Szalay