Born: ?, Chicago, USA, as Joanne Forsyte.

Education: New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.

Career: Started as 'best boy' on films dir by Robert Altman. Ph a student film dir by Daniel Algrant. Is exec prod & dir for Corra Films, Inc. [New York], specializing in doc's and commercials.

Joey Forsyte: 'You know, nine years ago I had a female studio executive tell me I was crazy to pursue a career in camera. They were simply not hiring women in that area. Period. It was sobering because 12 years earlier, when I had entered film school, I was told flat to my face that I would never shoot a movie. But here I am, having just finished my 17th feature. I still don't get a lot of calls for studio movies. And honestly, if I were a man, that area of my career might be a lot further along. But from my perspective, the independent world is very open to women. I don't feel that I'm denied work because I'm a woman. At the same time, I don't really know for sure.' [From interview with David Geffner in MovieMaker, Issue #35.]


1986        Working Girls [Lizzie Borden] s16-35bu/c; co-addph; ph: Judy Irola

1987        New Year's Day [Henry Jaglom] c; addph: Hanania Baer & Nesya Blue

1987        [Dr. Daniel Rudolph,] Cat Dentist [Tom Davis] sketch/?m for tv-series 'Saturday Night Live'

1987        Cat & Mousse [David Lawson & Frank Chindamo] tvm/10m

1988        American Blue Note/Fakebook [Ralph Toporoff] c

1988        Alexa [: A Prostitute's Own Story] [Sean Delgado] c

1988        Homeboyz II: Crack City/Strong City [Daniel Matmor] c; addph: Blain Brown; released in 1993

19??        Blind Trust [Donna Deitch] ?

19??        Dear Heaven [Steve Leavitt] ?; short/?m

19??        Top Secret [Joey Forsyte] ?

1989        Once in a Blue Moon [Charley Lang] tvm/28m; ep 'Showtime 30-Minute Movie'-series

1990        Femme Fatale/Fatal Woman [Andre Guttfreund] c

1990        The Dark Backward/The Man with Three Arms [Adam Rifkin] c

1991        Seeds of Tragedy [Martin Donovan] tvm

1991        Samantha [Stephen La Rocque] c; uwph: Bill Pecchi

1991        Visions of Light: The Art of Cinematography [Stuart Samuels, Arnold Glassman & Todd McCarthy] HDTV+35mm-to-

                    35mm/b&w-c; doc/92m; co-addph: ph: Nancy Schreiber

1991        Naked Hollywood [Margy Kinmonth & Alan Lewens] 6-part doc tv-series; cph: Ueli Steiger, Jon Keeping, Jeremy Pollard,


1992        Naked in New York [Daniel Algrant] c; 2uc: Michael Slovis

1993        Criminal Passion/Angel of Desire [Donna Deitch] c

1993        TV Nation/The Naked Eye [Michael Moore] pilot (unaired) for 17-part comic investigative magazine series for NBC-tv

                    (1994) & Fox-tv (1995)

1994        Leslie's Folly [Kathleen Turner] tvm/30m; ep Showtime-tv 'Directed by'-series

1995        Casting [Monika Treut] c; ?/?m; also seg of anthology 'Danske piger viser alt - en film i 20 kapitler/Danish Girls Show

                    Everything' (1996/93m/20 seg)

1996        Morning Glory, S.C. [Donna Deitch] tv-pilot (unaired) for CBS-tv; or ph Karl Herrmann

1996        Rocket Man [Stuart Gillard] c; co-2uc; ph: Steven Poster

1997        The Treat [Jonathan Gems] c

1997        Me and Will [Melissa Behr & Sherrie Rose] c; 2uc: John Zelus; + co-assoc prod

1997        The Curve/Dead Man's Curve [Dan Rosen] c; L.A. ph: Steve Gainer

1997        The Outfitters [Reverge Anselmo] c; 2uc: Jim Grce

1999        The Photographer [Jeremy Stein] c; addph; ph: Vanja Cernjul

1999        Bad Seed/Preston Tylk/Lethal Mistake [Jon Bokenkamp] c

1999        Me & Isaac Newton [Michael Apted] c; doc/107m; co-addph; ph: Maryse Alberti

1999        Off the Lip [Robert Mickelson] c

2001        Elaine Stritch: At Liberty [Andy Picheta] doc/90m; cph: D.A. Pennebaker, Alex Rappoport, Rick McKay, a.o.

2001        Kenneth Lonergan [Nick Davis] doc/?m; cph: Matthew Akers, Jim Isler, Bernard McWilliams, a.o.; ep of PBS-tv series

                    'EGG, the Arts Show'

2001        Searching for Debra Winger [Rosanna Arquette] c; doc/97m; cph: Nathan Hope, Cort Fey, Jean-Marc Barr, Michael

                    Wojciechowski, a.o.

2001        To Meet with a Killer [prod: Lisa Jackson (LJ)] tv-doc/60m; cph: LJ & Steven Miller

2001        The First Year [Davis Guggenheim (DG)] tv-doc/90m; co-addph; ph: DG, Jennifer Lane & Sandra Chandler

2003        Mavericks, Miracles & Medicine/Myth, Mischief & Miracles [Jeffrey Tuchman] 4-part doc series for The History



1983        Sessions [Richard Pearce] best boy; ph: Fred Murphy

1983        Blood Simple [Joel Coen] gaffer; ph: Barry Sonnenfeld

1987        Mystic Pizza [Donald Petrie] 2nd c.op; ph: Timothy Suhrstedt