Career: Ph commercials [dir by Jon Kane, a.o.] and music videos.


1993        Soul in the Hole [Danielle Gardner] c; doc/97m; co-addph; ph: Paul Gibson

1993        Althea Faught [Courtney Hunt] c; short/20m; prod Columbia University School of the Arts; aired on PBS-tv series

                    'American Playhouse'

1995        Girls Town [Jim McKay] 16mm-35bu/c

1995        Duane + Ramon [Rick Field] ?; short/?m

1995        I Shot Andy Warhol [Mary Harron] c; co-addph; ph: Ellen Kuras

1995        A Small Taste of Heaven [Tony Gerber] c; short/20m; edited into the 'Queens' seg of 'Side Streets' (1998)

1995        Fellow Americans [Jon Kane] c; doc/?m; released 1998

1996        The Pompatus of Love [Richard Schenkman] c

1996        Urban Legends [Street Scenes] [Tom Kalin] c; short/12m

1997        Office Killer [Cindy Sherman] c

1997        Eye of God/Beyond Obsessions [Tim Blake Nelson] c

1997        Side Streets [Tony Gerber] b&w-c

1999        O/The One [Tim Blake Nelson] c

2000        Women in Film [Bruce Wagner] dv-to-35mm/c

2000        The Grey Zone [Tim Blake Nelson] c

2000        One Hour Photo [Mark Romanek] c; co-add prop ph; ph: Jeff Cronenweth

2001        Naqoyqatsi [: War Life] [: Life as War] [Godfrey Reggio] v-to-35mm/c; doc/89m; addph: Timothy Housel & Bill

                    Morrison (New York); guest ph: John Bailey

2001        Ash Wednesday [Edward Burns] c

2003        Everyday People [Jim McKay] c

2004        Sherrybaby/Some Kind of Heaven [Laurie Collyer] s16-35bu/c


1992        The Real World/MTV Real World: New York [Rob Fox & Bill Richmond] reality series for MTV; 1st season (13 ep)

1993        The Real World 2/MTV Real World: Los Angeles [Simon Liebling & George Verschoor] reality series for MTV; 2nd

                    season (23 ep); uses his NY ph from 1st season

1993        Hate Rock [exec prod: Linda Corradina] doc special/30m for MTV

1996        Inside Eddie Johnson [Adam Bernstein] series for Nickelodeon; each ep 5m

1996        Storytellers [ep #1 'Ray Davies' dir by Mike Simon (MS), #3 'Elvis Costello' dir by MS, #4 'Lyle Lovett' dir by MS & #6

                    'The Black Crowes' dir by MS] mus doc series, 1996-present, for VH1-tv; 1st season, 1996

1997        Storytellers [ep #9 'The Bee Gees' dir by Mike Simon (MS), #10 'Phil Collins' dir by MS & Michael Chloe, #11 'Johnny

                    Cash & Willie Nelson' dir by MS, #14 'John Fogerty' dir by MS & #22 'Sarah McLachlan' dir by MS (filmed January 1998)]

                    2nd season, 1997-98; see 1996

1998        The Art of Influence [Deborah Dickson & Roberto Guerra] doc/b&w-c/87m; cph: Kramer Morgenthau, Wolfgang

                    Held, a.o.

1998        Storytellers [ep #24 'Culture Club' dir by Mike Simon (MS) & #25 'Rod Stewart' dir by MS] 3rd season, 1998-99; see 1996

1999        Storytellers [ep #50 'Steely Dan' dir by Michael Chloe (MC), #51 'Don Henley' dir by MC, #53 'Stone Temple Pilots' dir by

                    MC & #56 'Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young' dir by MC] 5th season 2000; other ph: Simon Hawken; see 1996

2001        Storytellers [ep #62 'Matchbox Twenty' dir by Dave Diomedi] 6th season, 2001; see 1996

2002        Rocks with Wings [Rick Derby] doc/113m/16mm; cph: Steve Banister, Jim Fealy, Paul Gibson, a.o.

2003        A Kid Rock Christmas [Dave Diomedi] mus special/90m for VH1-tv

2006        The Wire [several ep dir by various] series, 2002-present; 4th season, 2006


1986        Streets of Gold [Joe Roth] co-prod asst; ph: Arthur Albert

1988        Rock Soup [Lech Kowalski; doc] co-c.asst; ph: Doron Schlair

1990        Poison [Todd Haynes] co-still ph; ph: Maryse Alberti & Barry Ellsworth

1999        Chelsea Walls [Ethan Hawke] co-special thanks; ph: Tom Richmond

2002        The Company [Robert Altman] co-add c.op; ph: Andrew Dunn