Born: 1952, Newark, N.J., USA, as Ernest R. Dickerson.

Education: Howard University, Washington [Architecture]; Graduate Film Program at New York University's [NYU] Department of Film and Television [graduated in 1982].

Career: Met dir Spike Lee during his study in New York. Ph commercials. Ph music videos with a: Bruce Springsteen [1984, 'Born in the USA', d: John Sayles], Patti LaBelle [1985, 'Stir It Up', d: Doug Nichol], Miles Davis [1986, 'Tutu', d: Spike Lee], a.o. Ph anti-drug announcements dir by Martin Scorsese. Interviewee in the doc 'Visions of Light: The Art of Cinematography' [1991]. Appeared in the doc's '[Clive Barker's] A-Z of Horror' [1997, Ursula Macfarlane; doc tv-series], 'Diggin' Up Bones' [2002, Michelle Palmer] & 'Urban Gothic' [2002, Michelle Palmer]. Active member of the ASC since 1990. Active as director since 1990.

Awards: As doph: NYFCC Award [1989] for 'Do the Right Thing'; Daytime 'Emmy' Award [2003] for 'Our America'.

As dir: L.A. Outfest Grand Jury Award [1999] for 'Blind Faith'; Black Reel nom [2000] for 'Strange Justice'; Black Reel nom [2004] for 'Good Fences'.


1980        The Answer [Spike Lee] ?; student film/10m; prod NYU

1980        Sarah [Spike Lee] ?; student film/?m; prod NYU

1980        Joe's Bed-Stuy Barbershop - We Cut Heads [Spike Lee] c; 60m; prod NYU

1983        The Brother from Another Planet [John Sayles] c

1984        She's Gotta Have It [Spike Lee] s16/b&w-c; + small part

1984        Desiree [Felix de Rooy] c

1985        One Night with Blue Note [John Jopson] 16mm/c; mus doc/120m

1985        Krush Groove [Michael Schultz] c

1985        Day of the Dead [George A. Romero] c; 2uc Florida; ph: Michael Gornick

1985        Almacita di desolato [Felix de Rooy] c

1986        The Laser Man [Peter Wang] c; 2uc: Larry Banks

1987        Enemy Territory [Peter Manoogian] c

1987        Eddie Murphy RAW [Robert Townsend] c; perf/90m

1987        School Daze [Spike Lee] c

1988        Def by Temptation [James Bond III] c

1988        Do the Right Thing [Spike Lee] c

1988        Fright House/Vampires [Len Anthony] c; cph: Larry Revene

1990        Mo' Better Blues [Spike Lee] c

1990        Ava & Gabriel, un historia di amor [Felix de Rooy] c

1990        Jungle Fever [Spike Lee] c

1991        Cousin Bobby [Jonathan Demme] c; doc/69m; cph: Jacek Laskus, Tony Jannelli, Declan Quinn & Craig Haagensen

1991        Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll [John McNaughton] c; perf/96m

1991        Malcolm X [Spike Lee] c; Mecca ph: David Golia; 2uc: Arthur Jafa Fielder & George Pattison

1995        The Unrest [Bill Duke] ?


1984        Tales from the Darkside [2 seasons dir by various] 90-part series, 1983-88; other ph: Robert Draper, Lloyd Freidus &

                    Joseph Urbanczyk

1989        H.E.L.P. [pilot dir by Christopher Crowe] 6-part series, 1990; other ph: Constantine Makris

1990        Law & Order [several ep dir by various] series, 1990-present; other ph: John Beymer & Constantine Makris

1992        20th Anniversary Special [Ernest Dickerson, Paul Bogart, Twyla Tharp, a.o.] special/60m for PBS-tv series 'Great


2001        Our America [Ernest Dickerson] tvm


1990        Spike & Co. Do It a-Capella [PBS-tv special] ph: ?

1991        Juice/Angel Town 2 [feature; + story] ph: Larry Banks

1992        20th Anniversary Special [co-d; + ph] see Television

1993        The Untouchables [42-part tv-series, 1993-94] ph: ?

1993        Surviving the Game [feature] ph: Bojan Bazelli

1994        Tales from the Crypt [Presents]: Demon Knight [feature] ph: Rick Bota

1996        Bulletproof [feature] ph: Steven Bernstein; 2uc: John Newby

1997        Blind Faith [feature] ph: Rodney Charters

1997        Ambushed [tvm] ph: Phil Oetiker

1998        Futuresport [tvm] ph: Jonathan Freeman

1999        Strange Justice [tvm] ph: Jonathan Freeman

1999        Parting the Waters [co-d: Kevin Hooks; tv-miniseries] prod cancelled

2000        Night Visions [ep #16 'My So Called Life and Death' & #18 'Still Life' of 26-part tv-series, 2001] ph: Andreas Poulsson

2000        Bones [feature] ph: Flavio Martínez Labiano

2001        Monday Night Mayhem [tvm] ph: Jonathan Freeman

2001        Our America [+ ph] see Television

2001        Big Shot: Confessions of a Campus Bookie [tvm] ph: Steven Bernstein

2002        Good Fences [tvm] ph: Jonathan Freeman

2003        Never Die Alone [feature] ph: Matthew Libatique; 2uc: Richard Rutkowski

2003        The Wire [ep #24 'Bad Dreams'; 2nd season of 37-part tv-series, 2002-04] ph: Uta Briesewitz

2003        Third Watch [ep #102 'Blessed and Bewildered'; 5th season of tv-series, 1999-present] ph: Glenn Kershaw

2004        The Wire [ep #29 'Amsterdam' & #37 'Mission Accomplished'; 3rd season] ph: Uta Briesewitz (#29), Dave Insley (#29) &

                    Eagle Egilsson (#37); see 2003

2004        Third Watch [ep #116 'The Greatest Detectives in the World'; 6th season] ph: Glenn Kershaw; see 2003

2004        Miracle's Boys [ep #2 of 6-part tv-miniseries] ph: Cliff Charles

2005        Daddy Cool [feature] project