With dir Catherine Hardwicke [r], 2002



Education: Studied Architecture.

Career: Appeared in the doc 'Becoming Sam' [2002, Christine Fugate; ph: James O'Keefe].

Awards: Independent Spirit Award nom [1994] for 'Equinox'; Independent Spirit Award nom [1996] for 'Underneath'.


1975        Mirt sost shi amit/Harvest: 3,000 Years [Haïlé Gerima] 16mm/b&w; dram doc/150m; cph: Bob Roth & Kasahan


1975        Independence Day [Bobby Roth] 16mm/c; started as a UCLA student film

1981        Broken English [Michie Gleason] c

1984        Tuff Turf/Love Fighters [Fritz Kiersch] c; 2uc; ph: Willy Kurant

1986        Vamp [Richard Wenk] tao35/c; cph: Douglas O'Neons

1986        Summer Heat [Michie Gleason] c

1987        Miles from Home/Farm of the Year [Gary Sinise] c; 2uc: John Connor Sr.; 2u addph: Jerry Callaway, Robert S. Levi

                    & Constantine Makris

1987        1969 [Ernest Thompson] c; co-addph; ph: Jules Brenner

1987        Bloodhounds of Broadway [Howard Brookner] c

1989        Love at Large [Alan Rudolph] c; addph: James Glennon

1989        Bright Angel [Michael Fields] c; 2uc: Stefan Czapsky

1990        Mortal Thoughts [Alan Rudolph] c; 2uc: Alec Hirschfeld

1990        Shakes the Clown [Bob Goldthwait] c; cph: Bobby Bukowski; addph: Edward J. Pei

1991        The Cutting Edge [Paul M. Glaser] c

1991        Equinox/Isimeria [Alan Rudolph] p/c; aph: Roger L. Smith

1992        Mr. Write [Charlie Loventhal] c

1992        King of the Hill [Steven Soderbergh] c; addph: Jan Kiesser

1992        Mother's Boys [Yves Simoneau] c; 2uc: Ron Vargas

1992        The Air Up There [Paul Michael Glaser] c; Vancouver ph; ph: Dick Pope

1993        The Glass Shield/The Johnny Johnson Trial [Charles Burnett] c; 2uc: Jacek Laskus

1994        Underneath [Steven Soderbergh] p/c

1994        Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead [Gary Fleder] c; addph Los Angeles: Tony Richmond; 'b' unit ph Denver:

                    Aaron Schneider

1995        Larger Than Life [Howard Franklin] c; 2uc: Jan Kiesser

1996        Gray's Anatomy [Steven Soderbergh] c

1996        Get on the Bus [Spike Lee] s16-35bu/c

1996        Lawn Dogs [John Duigan] c

1997        Finding Graceland [David Winkler] c; addph: Jan Kiesser

1997        Out of Sight [Steven Soderbergh] c

1998        Breakfast of Champions [Alan Rudolph] c

1998        Forces of Nature [Bronwen Hughes] p/c; 2uc: Alexander Witt

1998        Light It Up [Craig Bolotin] c

1999        The Next Best Thing [John Schlesinger] c

1999        Happy Campers [Daniel Waters] c; cph: Antonio Calvache

2000        40 Days and 40 Nights [Michael Lehmann] c

2001        I Am Sam [Jessie Nelson] c

2001        White Oleander [Peter Kosminsky] c

2002        Thirteen [Catherine Hardwicke] s16-35bu/c

2002        Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde [Charles Herman-Wurmfeld] c

2003        A Love Song for Bobby Long [Shainee Gabel] c

2004        Lords of Dogtown [Catherine Hardwicke] s16+s8+dv+35mm-to-35mm/c; surf ph: Sonny Miller & Don King

2006        The Nativity Story [Catherine Hardwicke] c


1987        Mayflower Madam [Lou Antonio] tvm

1988        Signs of Life/One for Sorrow, Two for Joy [John David Coles] tvm

1990        [HBO's] Tales from the Crypt [ep #24 'The Secret' dir by J. Michael Riva] 93-part series, 1989-96; 2nd season, 1990

1990        Memphis [Yves Simoneau] tvm

1992        Cruel Doubt [Yves Simoneau] 2-part tvm

1995        Nightjohn [Charles Burnett] tvm


1978        The Onion Field [Harold Becker] ph: Charles Rosher Jr.

1979        The Tenth Month [Joan Tewkesbury; tvm] ph: Charles Rosher Jr.

1979        Used Cars [Robert Zemeckis] co-c.op; ph: Donald M. Morgan

1980        Death Valley [Dick Richards] co-c.op; ph: Stephen Burum

1981        The Princess and the Cabbie [Glenn Jordan; tvm] ph: Gayne Rescher

1981        Something Wicked This Way Comes [Jack Clayton] ph: Stephen Burum

1982        The Outsiders [Francis Coppola] ph: Stephen Burum

1982        Return Engagement [Alan Rudolph] co-c.op; ph: Jan Kiesser

1983        Racing with the Moon [Richard Benjamin] c.op addph; addph: Allen Daviau; ph: John Bailey

1983        Ernie Kovacs: Between the Laughter [Lamont Johnson; tvm] ph: Rexford Metz

1984        St. Elmo's Fire [Joel Schumacher] ph: Stephen Burum

1985        Trouble in Mind [Alan Rudolph] ph: Toyomichi Kurita

1985        Blue City [Michelle Manning] co-2u c.op; 2uc: Donald M. Morgan & Egon Stephan; ph: Steven Poster

1985        8 Million Ways to Die [Hal Ashby] ph: Stephen Burum