"American Gothic" [right of camera]



Born: ?, Poland, as Henryk Tzvi Cymerman. Raised in Brazil and Brooklyn [New York].

Education: Bezallel Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Jerusalem [BFA Sculpture]; New York University's Tisch School of the Arts [NYU] [MFA in 1982].

Career: Started ph and directing commercials. Taught cinematography at Columbia University's Graduate School of Film for 2 years.

Awards: New York Int'l Independent Film & Video Festival 'Best Cinematography' Award [1998] for 'Placebo Effect'.


1989        [For] Love or Money [Todd Hallowell] c; co-2uc; ph: Igor Sunara

1992        Music for the Movies: Bernard Herrmann [Joshua Waletzky] c; doc/58m

1994        From the Heart [Lyn Goldfarb] ?; ?/30m; prod AFI (USA)

1994        Disabled and the Cost of Saying 'I Do' [Lyn Goldfarb & Marta Russell] tv-doc/?m

1995        To the Limit [Raymond Martino] c; L.A. ph: Ken Blakey; 2uc: Fred Goodrich

1995        Pavarotti and the Italian Tenor [Joshua Waletzky] c; mus doc/57m

1995        The Reluctant Muse: A Portrait of My Parents [Amy Waddell] c; doc/60m

1995        N.Y.H.C. [Frank Pavich] Betacam/c/V; mus doc/87m

1995        Survivors of the Holocaust [Allan Holzman] tv-doc/b&w-c/74m; cph: Peter Bonilla, Raul Prado, Allison Hoffman, a.o.

1996        Pulitzer and What He Prized [Joan Kraft] c; 2-part doc/96m

1996        Star Trek: First Contact/Star Trek 8 [Jonathan Frakes] p/c; co-2uc; ph: Matthew Leonetti

1996        Home Fries [Dean Parisot] c; 2uc; ph: Jerzy Zielinski

1997        Dreamboat [Vladimir Melnik & Felix Slidovker] c

199?        True or False [Sandra Luckow] 16mm/c; short/?m; prod NYU

199?        Practice to Deceive [Michael Bergman] pilot/dv

199?        Rogue Moon [Grafton S. Harper] c

199?        Sweaty Sex and Chinese Take Out [David Proval] dv/c; short/?m

199?        On and On [Martin Gottlieb] pilot/dv

1998        Placebo Effect [Alejandro Seri] s16-35bu/c

1999        Caught in the Act [Justin Zackham] v/c; short/15m

1999        Singing Myself a Lullaby [Ellen Bromberg & Douglas Rosenberg] v/b&w-c; dance doc/60m; cph: DR; filmed 1996-99

2001        Scared/Cut Throat [Keith Walley] c

2002        They Looked Away/Those Who Looked Away [Stuart Erdheim] c; doc/53m

2002        Soap Girl [Young Man Kang] c

2005        American Gothic [Paul Kampf] c