As c.op


Born: 26 February 1960, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.

Education: High School.

Career: Started his career as a laboratory tech and editor at WTVT-tv [Tampa, Florida]. Went to WTOG-tv [St. Petersburg, Florida] as an editor and news ph. Worked for a sfx company ph miniatures and other elements used in commercials and low budget feature films [e.g. 'Dr. Otto and the Riddle of the Gloom Beam']. Moved to Los Angeles in the mid 1980s. Ph doc's, shorts, trailers, commercials and music videos.

Taught cinematography at the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute and the North Carolina School of the Arts [NCSA], School of Filmmaking, Winston-Salem [1999-2007]. Superv a great number of film projects at the NCSA, e.g. 'Faith' and 'Justice' in 2003. Formed Crimson Wolf Productions in January 2005. Appeared in the doc 'Trekkies' [1996/7, Roger Nygard; ph: Harris Done].

Awards: Regional 'Emmy' Award nom [for news ph]; UPI Award [for news ph].

Website: Richard Clabaugh


1985        Dr. Otto and the Riddle of the Gloom Beam [John R. Cherry III] c; sfx ph; ph: Jim May

198?        Dragonfly [T.M. Raymond] c; cph: Francis Grumman; no public release

198?        Tarcon Mission/Alien Plague [Roger Mende] unfinished

1986        Mankillers/12 Wild Women [David A. Prior] c; 2uc; ph: Keith Holland

1987        Necromancer [: Satan's Servant] [Dusty Nelson] c; cph: Eric Cayla

1988        Hollywood's New Blood [James Shyman] c; addph; ph: Robert Birchall

1988        Meanwhile in Santa Monica/Russian Nights [David Gamburg] c; short/50m

1989        L.A. Bounty [Worth Keeter] c; pick-ups ph; ph: Gary Graver

1989        The Ivory Tower [Frank A. Cappello] c; short/?m

1990        Pale Blood [V.V. Dachin Hsu & Michael W. Leighton] c; addph; ph: Gerry Lively

1990        Lower Level [Kristine Peterson] c/V; 2uc; ph: Wally Pfister

1990        Ulterior Motives [James Becket] c; 2uc; ph: Stephen M. Katz

1990        Suburban Commando [Burt Kennedy] c; co-addph; ph: Bernd Heinl

1992        Maniac Cop 3 [: Badge of Silence] [William Lustig & Joel Soisson (add scenes)] c; addph; ph: Jacques Haitkin

1992        Infested/Ticks [Tony Randel] c; 2uc; ph: Steve Grass

1993        American Yakuza [Frank A. Cappello] c; 2uc: Art Adams

1993        The Prophecy/God's Army/God's Secret Army [Gregory Widen] s35/c; took over from ph B.D. Johnson; cph: Bruce

                    Douglas Johnson (+ vfx ph); 2uc: Christopher Baffa

1994        [Playboy's] Fabulous Forties [Vicangelo Bulluck] c/V; doc/51m; cph: Michael Crane

1995        No Way Back [Frank A. Cappello] c; 2uc: Art Adams, Chris Chomyn, Blake T. Evans & Ricardo Jacques Gale

1995        Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering/Deadly Harvest [Greg Spence] c; cph: Charles Hatcher, Dean Lent &

                    Michael Off

1995        No Strings Attached [Josef Rusnak] replaced after 1 week by ph Wedigo von Schultzendorff

1995        The Killing Jar [Evan Crooke] c; co-2uc; ph: Michael Wojciechowski

1996        Drive/Road to Ruin [Steve Wang] c; 2uc (fight scenes); ph: Michael Wojciechowski

1996        Plato's Run [James Becket] c; 2uc: Marty Mullin

1996        The Prophecy II/God's Army II/Prophecy II: Ashtown [Greg Spence] c/V; addph: Brett Boydstun

1996        [Dean Koontz's] Phantoms [Joe Chappelle] c; addph: Greg Littlewood & Christopher Baffa; 2uc: Arch Bryant; London

                    ph: Dick Pope

1997        Campfire Tales [Matt Cooper, Martin Kunert & David Semel] c/V; co-addph; ph: John Peters

1997        Palmetto [Volker Schlöndorff] s35/c; 2uc & uncred 2ud; ph: Thomas Kloss

1998        Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return [Kari Skogland] c/V; 2uc: Patrick Rousseau

1999        The Prophecy 3: The Ascent/God's Army III [Patrick Lussier] c/V; co-2uc (for 1 day); ph: Nathan Hope

1999        Escape Under Pressure/Under Pressure/The Cruel Deep [Jean Pellerin] c; 2uc & ph Greece: Tom Nordstrom

[In red shirt] - "Deep Core" - photo by Greg Peters

2000        Deep Core [Rodney McDonald] c/V

2000        A Union in Wait [Ryan Butler] c; doc/45m; cph: Brian Nisbett; addph: Ray Stilson

2006        Fall Down Dead [Jon Keeyes] c

2009        Off-Ramp to Eden [Sherwood Jones] c


1992        Why Colors? [Bobby Mardis] comedy special/26m; 2uc; ph: Ashley B. Stephens


1979        Sanctuary [James Becket; docudrama/59m] c.asst; ph: Michael Anderson

1987        Waxwork [Anthony Hickox] c.op; ph: Gerry Lively

1988        Lobster Man from Mars [Stanley Sheff] c.asst addph; ph: Gerry Lively

1988        Stepfather II/The Stepfather 2: Make Room for Daddy [Jeff Burr] c.asst 2u; ph: Jacek Laskus

1989        The Dark Side of the Moon [D.J. Webster] gaffer addph; ph: Russ Alsobrook

1991        Project Eliminator [H. Kaye Dyal] gaffer + c.op (fight seq); ph: Gerry Lively

1991        [Waxwork II:] Lost in Time/Space Shift: Waxwork II [Anthony Hickox] c.op; ph: Gerry Lively

1991        Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth [Anthony Hickox] c.op; ph: Gerry Lively

1992        Warlock: The Armageddon [Anthony Hickox] c.op; ph: Gerry Lively

1995        Back to Back: American Yakuza 2 [Roger Nygard; tvm] co-add c.op; ph: Mark W. Gray


1999        Python [feature] ph: Patrick Rousseau

2002        Smitty [short] ph: Arledge Armenaki; prod NCSA

2003        Little Chicago [feature] ph: James Griffin Ricker

2005        Eyeborgs [feature; + co-scrpl/co-prod] ph: Kenneth Wilson II; 2uc: Neil Moore