Born: 30 May 1958, Montréal, Canada, as Paul A. Cameron; raised in and around New York City.

Education: State University of New York, Purchase, N.Y.

Career: 'I lived with my brother, an actor out of the Yale Drama School, in New York City for about five years. I did stage lighting for school plays and rock-and-roll lighting for bands when I was in high school. During my last year of high school, my guidance counselor asked me what I was going to do with my life. I said I was going to go to film school. That was in 1977. I enrolled at the State University of New York, and by default I shot a lot of other students projects, because I didn't have enough money to shoot my own films. After the first year, I was living in Manhattan and bartending at a rock-and-roll club to help pay for school. There was a band called the 'B-52s' coming to play at the club. My dear friend Charlie Libin and I got a bunch of equipment from the school and filmed them performing. We were very excited, and looking forward to showing our film to everyone at school. [However,] Charlie and I were asked to leave the university, because we didn't ask anyone for permission to use the equipment. Six months later, I was driving around Los Angeles with a 16mm pre-MTV film of the 'B-52s'. I got to show it to people at the Warner Bros. music department. They basically said this is great, but we have no use for it. I decided to go back to school in New York City, where I was also working at camera rental houses. Around two years after I finished school, I tried to get into the camera guild as an assistant cameraman. By then, I was shooting a lot and had constructed a reel [music videos and 16mm doc's]. I took the test and didn't pass. The following week I applied to NABET [National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians] as director of photography and was accepted. […] It was a pretty brief period, but I did get to go to some interesting places. I worked on a film about a group of students from Yale who visited China. About a year later [in 1985], I went to China as a cameraman with Lindsay Anderson. It was a documentary concert film with 'Wham!'. Charlie [Libin] and I were also directing and shooting a lot of music videos. […] After I got into NABET, I started thinking that I never had a chance to be mentored by other directors of photography. I decided that I should pull focus or operate a camera for somebody who was a cinematographer. By chance, I got a call the next day from Ron Fortunato. Ron was a classmate. He went directly to Europe after graduation, and had success photographing German films. He said, I'm coming back to New York and need an assistant cameraman. Will you work with me for a year? I worked with Ron for about a year, and then hooked up with a number of European cameramen who were shooting music videos and other films for television. That lasted about two years.' [From the KODAK OnFilm website.]

Ph commercials for Bacardi, AT&T, BMW, Seiko, Coca-Cola, Revlon (d: Sam Mendes), a.o. Ph music videos with a: Janet Jackson ['I Get Lonely'; d: Paul Hunter], Lil' Kim ['No Matter What They Say'], Alicia Keys, David Bowie, a.o.

Directed commercials for Cadillac, Marlboro, Prada, a.o.

Also active as still ph.

Member of the ASC since 2006.

Married to commercial and music video prod/dir Laura Stabilini.

Awards: Clio Award 'Best Cinematography' [2003] for 'Beat the Devil'; LAFCA Award [2004; shared], BAFTA Film Award [2004; shared] & ASC Film Award nom [2004; shared] for 'Collateral'; ASC TV Award nom [2016] for 'Westworld' [ep 'The Original'].

Website: Paul Cameron



The Seer: Live in New York [Eddie Arno & Markus Innocenti] c/V; concert film/55m; climax of The Seer's 'Big Country Tour' (10 tracks)


Distribution of Lead [Charles Libin] 16mm/c


Billy Joel: Live at Yankee Stadium [Jon Small] c/V; concert film/86m; cph: Anastas Michos, Crescenzo Notarile, Phil Parmet, Declan Quinn, Nancy Schreiber, a.o.; filmed June in New York


The Last Supper [Stacy Title] c; 2uc: Teresa Medina


Advice from a Caterpillar [Don Scardino] c; addph: Phil Oetiker


Gone in Sixty Seconds/Gone in 60 Seconds [Dominic Sena] p/c; 2uc: Philip C. Pfeiffer; remake of film (1974)


The Up in Smoke Tour/Up in Smoke Tour 2000 [Philip G. Atwell] c/V; doc + concert film/120m & 155m; concert short film ph; concert ph: Daniel Pearl; filmed 20 July


Swordfish [Dominic Sena] p/c; 2uc: Josh Bleibtreu; aph: Ron Goodman


Beat the Devil [Tony Scott] s35/c; short/9m; aph: David B. Nowell; ep 8-part series 'The Hire' for carmaker BMW


Man on Fire [Tony Scott] s35+16mm-to-35mm scope/c; addph (+ Steadicam op): Stephen St. John; aph: David B. Nowell


Collateral [Michael Mann] HD (Sony F900 + Thomson Viper)+s35-to-35mm scope/c; ph first 3 weeks; cph: Dion Beebe; aph: David B. Nowell


In the Land of Women [Jonathan Kasdan] s35/c; 2uc: Dana Gonzales


Deja Vu [Tony Scott] HD (Genesis)+s35-to-35mm scope (+ D-Cinema)/c; aph: Kurt E. Soderling & David B. Nowell; uwph: Peter Zuccarini; vfx ph: Gary Waller


American Combatant [Charles Libin] c; ph of seq from 'Distribution of Lead'; ph (dv): James Roche


Divine Forces [Leonardo Ricagni] scheduled as ph for this s16 film; prod was cancelled


White Jazz [Joe Carnahan] in development; status unknown


Henry's Crime [Malcolm Venville] s35/c; filmed 2009-2010


Moorish Dreams [Leonardo Ricagni] pre-production; prod suspended


Man on a Ledge [Asger Leth] s35 (+ D-Cinema)/c; 2uc: Lukasz Jogalla; aph: Brian Heller


Total Recall [Len Wiseman] RED Epic+p-to-35mm scope (+ D-Cinema)/c; 2uc: Josh Bleibtreu; add  action unit ph: Brian Pearson; aph: Steve Koster; remake/version of film (1989, dir by Paul Verhoeven; ph: Jost Vacano)


Dead Man Down [Niels Arden Oplev] HD (ARRI ALEXA Plus)-to-35mm scope (+ D-Cinema)/c; addph: Lukasz Jogalla


Tower [Malcolm Venville] pre-production


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales [Joachim Rønning & Espen Sandberg] HD (ARRI ALEXA XT/scope & Mini/scope)-to-D-Cinema (+ IMAX 3-D)/c; addph Vancouver (March-April 2016): Bojan Bazelli; 2uc: Brad Shield; aph: David B. Nowell, Steve Koster & Hans Bjerno; uwph: Simon Christidis & (uncred) Ian Seabrook


The Commuter [Jaume Collet-Serra] HD (ARRI ALEXA Mini)-to-D-Cinema (scope)/c; 2uc: Marc Spicer




Chantilly Lace [Linda Yellen] tvm


Parallel Lives [Linda Yellen] tvm; 2uc: Steven Finestone & Christophe Lanzenberg


Relativity [pilot dir by Mark Piznarski] 17-part series, 1996-97; other ph: Bruce Douglas Johnson & Michael O'Shea


Michael Hayes [: US Attorney] [pilot dir by Thomas Carter] 22-part series, 1997-98; other ph: James L. Carter


Westworld [pilot 'The Original' dir by Jonathan Nolan] series/s35-to-HD, 2016-present; 1st season, 2016 (10 ep); other ph: Brendan Galvin & Robert McLachlan; aph: Dylan Goss; other ep were filmed in 2015; for HBO-tv




Andrea Doria: The Final Chapter [Peter Gimbel; tv-doc] 2u c.asst; ph: John Lindley, Arthur Albert & Mark Shelley


Wham! In China: Foreign Skies [Lindsay Anderson; Strathford Hamilton & Andy Morahan; mus doc] co-c.asst; ph: David Myers; L. Anderson made his own version after being removed from the project: 'If You Were There' (unreleased)


Olivia: Soul Kiss [David Mallet; mus short/24m] cameraman; ph: Peter MacKay & Michael Sutcliffe


Industrial Symphony No. 1: The Dream of the Brokenhearted [David Lynch; short] c.op; ph: John Schwartzman


Songs for 'Drella by Lou Reed and John Cale [Ed Lachman; tv-concert film] co-c.op; ph: E. Lachman


Van Morrison - The Concert [Jon Small; concert film] co-c.op; ph: Crescenzo Notarile