dir Anthony Ferrante - [prod] - Carl Bartels



Education: University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Siena College, Albany, N.Y.; American Film Institute [graduated in 1993].

Career: Started as still ph. Ph music videos.


1992        Heroes of the Earth [David Peterson] c; doc/45m

199?        New England: Roads Less Traveled [?] ?; doc/?m

1997        Rupert Patterson Wants to be a Super Hero [Brooks Campbell] tvm

1997        Deadlock [Stuart Chapin] c

1997        October Three [Joseph Brutsman] c

1997        A Letter to Rachel [Mike Dichirico] c; 1st unit week #1 & #2; addph: Kenneth Stipe (1st unit week #3); 2uc: Mike

                    Longo & Max Santiago

1998        Cappuccino [Craig Ross Jr.] b&w

1998        Merchants of Venus/A Dirty Little Business [Len Richmond] c

1998        Blink of an Eye/Urban Jungle [Van Fischer] c; addph: Kenneth Stipe & Nick Franco

1998        Implicated [Irving Belateche] c; 2uc: Kenneth Stipe & Angel Colmenares

1998        Light of Darkness [Michael Cargile] c; short/9m

1999        Red Ribbon [Elisabeth Löchen] c; short/12m

1999        The Newcomers [James Allen Bradley] c

2000        Somewhere Else [Fanny Jean-Noel] c; short/?m

2000        Radical Jack [James Allen Bradley] c

2000        The Funk Parlor [Gwen O'Donnell] ready for re-shoots and post-production, but awaiting funds

2000        Killjoy [Craig Ross Jr.] V/c

2000        Blue Hill Avenue [Craig Ross Jr.] c

2000        Offside [Leanna Creel] c; short/13m; also seg of comp/10 seg/85m 'Zero Un'

2001        In Search of Peace Part One: 1948-1967 [Richard Trank] v-to-35mm/b&w-c; doc/105m; cph: Don Lenzer &

                    Jeffrey Victor

2001        Taylor's Wall [Craig Ross Jr.] tvm/28m

2001        Secret of the Horse [Cleve Nettles] tvm/28m

2001        Anacardium [Scott Thomas] c

2001        A Light in the Darkness [Marshall E. Uzzle] HD/c; addph: Jeffrey L. Weaver

2001        Afterthoughts [Bob Rafelson] tv-doc/22m

2002        Ride Or Die/Hustle and Heat [Craig Ross Jr.] c; 2uc: Kenneth Stipe

2002        Throttle [Atul Sharma] c

2002        Latter Days [C. Jay Cox] dv-to-35mm/c; + still ph

2003        Boo! [Anthony C. Ferrante] c

2004        Adam & Steve [Craig Chester] c


1992        The Double 0 Kid [Duncan McLachlan] 2u co-c.op; ph: Adam Kane

1995        The Haunted World of Edward D. Wood Jr. [Brett Thompson; doc] still ph; ph: David Miller