Born: ?, Jamaica, N.Y., USA, as Larry L. Banks, son of a gaffer.

Education: Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

Career: Grew up in New York's film industry. Ph commercials dir by Spike Lee [Nike and Levi 501 campaigns], a.o. Active as director of commercials, doc's and industrials. He is prod/dir with Namaste Productions, New York City. Teaches at Long Island University's Media Arts Department.


1986        The Laser Man [Peter Wang] c; 2uc; ph: Ernest Dickerson

1986        Working Girls [Lizzie Borden] s16-35bu/c; co-addph (+ lighting des); ph: Judy Irola

1988        First Date [Peter Wang] c

1988        Pickles Make Me Cry [Peter Chow] c

1991        Juice/Angel Town 2 [Ernest Dickerson] c

1992        Fly by Night [Steve Gomer] c

1992        Emma and Elvis/The Last Resort [Julia Reichert] c

1993        Erotique [seg 'Letís Talk About Love' dir by Lizzie Borden] c; other ph: Arthur Wong & Elfi Mikesch

1993        El deseo/Desire [Jerry A. Rodriguez] ?

1994        Jeffrey [Christopher Ashley] c; addph; ph: Jeffrey Tufano

1994        A Litany for Survival: The Life and Work of Audre Lorde [Ada Gay Griffin & Michelle Parkerson] c; doc/90m; cph:

                    Michael Chin, Arthur Jafa, a.o.

1995        Soul Vietnam/Black Amerasians: Forgotten Casualties of Vietnam [Roger Dick French] c; doc/?m

1995        The Show [Brian Robbins] b&w/c; concert doc/93m; doc ph + co-concert c.op Philadelphia; concert ph: Michael Negrin;

                    doc cph: Ericson Core, John Ndiago Demps, Johnny Simmons, a.o.

1996        John Henrik Clarke: A Great and Mighty Walk [St. Claire Bourne] b&w/c; doc/90m

1996        W.E.B. DuBois: A Biography in Four Voices [Louis J. Massiah] c; doc/114m; cph: Michael Chin & Arthur Jafa

1999        Pyrite [Adrienne Weiss] c; short/?m

1999        'R Xmas [Abel Ferrara] slated as ph, but replaced by Ken Kelsch

2000        Malfunction [Paul Francis] c  


1993        Strapped [Forest Whitaker] tvm

1997        The Substitute 2: Schoolís Out/The Substitute: Out of Siberia [Steven Pearl] tvm

1998        Black Jaq [Forest Whitaker] tvm

1998        Earthly Possessions [James Lapine] tvm; 2uc; ph: David Franco


1985        Seven Minutes in Heaven [Linda Feferman] gaffer; ph: Steven Fierberg

1986        Working Girls [Lizzie Borden] lighting des (+ co-addph); ph: Judy Irola

1987        Anna [Yurek Bogayevicz] lighting dir; ph: Bobby Bukowski

1987        School Daze [Spike Lee] gaffer; ph: Ernest Dickerson

1988        Thelonious Monk: Straight, No Chaser [Charlotte Zwerin] chief lighting techn add crew; ph: Christian Blackwood

1993        [Martin Lawrence:] You So Crazy [Thomas Schlamme] co-c.op; ph: Arthur Albert

1995        Big Night [Stanley Tucci & Campbell Scott] c.op 'b' cam; ph: Ken Kelsch

1996        The Blackout [Abel Ferrara] co-c.op; ph: Ken Kelsch

1998        [John Leguizamo's] Freak [Spike Lee; tv-special] co-c.op; ph: Malik Hassan Sayeed

1998        New Rose Hotel [Abel Ferrara] co-c.op; ph: Ken Kelsch

2000        Made [Jon Favreau] c.op; ph: Christopher Doyle


1997        Blues Stories [dir; doc/?m] ph: ?

199?        Blackbird [dir; feature/HD] ph: ?

2003        Living the Blues [co-d: Tim Duffy; doc/40m/BetaSP] ph: ?

2003        Sparks [Virginie Danglades] c; short/15m; co-prod; ph: George Motz