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[*denotes winner]

63rd - 1990 [presented in 1991]

*Dances with Wolves [Kevin Costner] - Dean Semler

Avalon [Barry Levinson] - Allen Daviau

Dick Tracy [Warren Beatty] - Vittorio Storaro

The Godfather, Part III [Francis Ford Coppola] - Gordon Willis

Henry & June [Philip Kaufman] - Philippe Rousselot

64th - 1991 [presented in 1992]

*JFK [Oliver Stone] - Robert Richardson

Bugsy [Barry Levinson] - Allen Daviau

The Prince of Tides [Barbra Streisand] - Stephen Goldblatt

Terminator 2: Judgment Day [James Cameron] - Adam Greenberg

Thelma & Louise [Ridley Scott] - Adrian Biddle

65th - 1992 [presented in 1993]

*A River Runs Through It [Robert Redford] - Philippe Rousselot

Hoffa [Danny DeVito] - Stephen H. Burum

Howards End [James Ivory] - Tony Pierce-Roberts

L'amant/The Lover [Jean-Jacques Annaud] - Robert Fraisse

Unforgiven [Clint Eastwood] - Jack N. Green

- A Scientific and Engineering Award [plaque] was given to Al Mayer for the Camera Design; Iain Neil and George Kraemer for the optical design; Hans Spirawski and Bill Eslick for the opto-mechanical design and Don Earl for technical support in developing the Panavision System 65 Studio Sync Sound Reflex Camera for 65mm motion picture photography

- A Scientific and Engineering Award [plaque] was given to Douglas Trumbull for the concept; Geoffrey H. Williamson for the movement design; Robert D. Auguste for the electronic design and Edmund M. DiGiulio for the camera system design of the CP-65 Showscan Camera System for 65mm motion picture photography

- Arnold & Richter, Otto Blaschek and the Engineering Department of ARRI, Austria, received a Scientific and Engineering Award [plaque] for the design and development of the Arriflex 765 Camera System for 65mm motion picture photography

66th - 1993 [presented in 1994]

*Schindler's List [Steven Spielberg] - Janusz Kaminski

Ba wang bie ji/Farewell My Concubine [Chen Kaige] - Changwei Gu

The Fugitive [Andrew Davis] - Michael Chapman

The Piano [Jane Campion] - Stuart Dryburgh

Searching for Bobby Fischer [Steven Zaillian] - Conrad L. Hall

- Fritz Gabriel Bauer received a Scientific and Engineering Award [plaque] for the design, development and manufacture of the Moviecam Compact Modular 35mm motion picture camera system

67th - 1994 [presented in 1995]

*Legends of the Fall [Edward Zwick] - John Toll

Forrest Gump [Robert Zemeckis] - Don Burgess

Trois couleurs: Rouge/Red [Krzysztof Kieslowski] - Piotr Sobocinski

The Shawshank Redemption [ Frank Darabont] - Roger Deakins

Wyatt Earp [Lawrence Kasdan] - Owen Roizman

68th - 1995 [presented in 1996]

*Braveheart [Mel Gibson] - John Toll

Batman Forever [Joel Schumacher] - Stephen Goldblatt

A Little Princess [Alfonso Cuarón] - Emmanuel Lubezki

Sense and Sensibility [Ang Lee] - Michael Coulter

Yao a yao yao dao waipo qiao/Shanghai Triad [Zhang Yimou] - Lu Yue

- Arnold and Richter Cine Technik received a Scientific and Engineering Award [plaque] for the development of the Arriflex 535 Series of Cameras for motion picture cinematography

69th - 1996 [presented in 1997]

*The English Patient [Anthony Minghella] - John Seale

Evita [Alan Parker] - Darius Khondji

Fargo [Joel Coen] - Roger Deakins

Fly Away Home [Carroll Ballard] - Caleb Deschanel

Michael Collins [Neil Jordan] - Chris Menges

- IMAX Corporation received an Academy Award of Merit [statuette] for the method of filming and exhibiting high-fidelity, large-format, wide-angle motion pictures

70th - 1997 [presented in 1998]

*Titanic [James Cameron] - Russell Carpenter

Amistad [Steven Spielberg] - Janusz Kaminski

Kundun [Martin Scorsese] - Roger Deakins

L.A. Confidential [Curtis Hanson] - Dante Spinotti

The Wings of the Dove [Iain Softley] - Eduardo Serra

71st - 1998 [presented in 1999]

*Saving Private Ryan [Steven Spielberg] - Janusz Kaminski

A Civil Action [Steven Zaillian] - Conrad L. Hall

Elizabeth [Shekhar Kapur] - Remi Adefarasin

Shakespeare in Love [John Madden] - Richard Greatrex

The Thin Red Line [Terrence Malick] - John Toll

- Arnold & Richter Cine Technik, and ARRI USA, Inc. received a Scientific and Engineering Award [plaque] for the concept and engineering of the Arriflex 435 Camera System. [The 435 enhances the creative process via its programmability and reliability, and provides the camera operator with the widest feature and performance capability of any MOS camera in use today.]

72nd - 1999 [presented in 2000]

*American Beauty [Sam Mendes] - Conrad L. Hall

The End of the Affair [Neil Jordan] - Roger Pratt

The Insider [Michael Mann] - Dante Spinotti

Sleepy Hollow [Tim Burton] - Emmanuel Lubezki

Snow Falling on Cedars [Scott Hicks] - Robert Richardson

- Fritz Gabriel Bauer received a Scientific and Engineering Award [plaque] for the concept, design and engineering of the Moviecam Superlight 35mm Motion Picture Camera. [The quiet Moviecam Superlight is an extremely small and light 35mm professional motion picture sound camera which allows the cinematographer to film in ways and situations that were never before possible.]

73rd - 2000 [presented in 2001]

*Wo hu cang long/Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon [Ang Lee] - Peter Pau

Gladiator [Ridley Scott] - John Mathieson

Malèna [Giuseppe Tornatore] - Lajos Koltai

O Brother, Where Art Thou? [Joel Coen] - Roger Deakins

The Patriot [Roland Emmerich] - Caleb Deschanel

- Jack Cardiff, master of light and color, received a Honorary Award [statuette]

- A Scientific and Engineering Award [plaque] was given to Al Mayer Sr. and Al Mayer Jr., for the mechanical design, Iain Neil for the optical design and Brian Dang for the electronic design of the Panavision Millennium XL Camera System. [This camera brings the full uncompromised performance of larger heavy-duty cameras to the lightest weight category with ruggedness and advanced features previously expected only in specialized or effects cameras.]

74th - 2001 [presented in 2002]

*The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring [Peter Jackson] - Andrew Lesnie

Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain/Amélie [Jean-Pierre Jeunet] - Bruno Delbonnel

Black Hawk Down [Ridley Scott] - Slawomir Idziak

The Man Who Wasn't There [Joel Coen] - Roger Deakins

Moulin Rouge! [Baz Luhrmann] - Donald M. McAlpine

- Rune Ericson received an Award of Commendation [special award plaque] for his pioneering development and 30 years of dedication to the Super 16mm format for motion pictures. [The Super 16mm film format has achieved a significant impact on the worldwide film industry by playing a major role in empowering low budget films to be produced for theatrical release.]

- The American Society of Cinematographers [ASC] received an Award of Commendation [special award plaque] for the continued publication of the 'American Cinematographer Manual.' [Born from 'The Cinematographic Annual,' first published by the ASC in 1930, the 'American Cinematographer Manual' has become an essential bible for cinematographers. Currently in its eighth edition, this premier reference manual has had a significant impact on decades of motion picture photography around the world.]

75th - 2002 [presented in 2003]

*Road to Perdition [Sam Mendes] - Conrad L. Hall [posthumously]

Chicago [Rob Marshall] - Dion Beebe

Far from Heaven [Todd Haynes] - Edward Lachman

Gangs of New York [Martin Scorsese] - Michael Ballhaus

The Pianist [Roman Polanski] - Pawel Edelman

- Arnold & Richter Cine Technik and Panavision Inc. received an Academy Award of Merit [statuette] for their continuing development and innovation in the design and manufacturing of advanced camera systems specifically designed for the motion picture entertainment industry. [With a commitment that lies beyond the usual commercial considerations, these two manufacturers continue to lead the industry in developing and introducing products that have defined the state of the art in motion picture camera technology.]

76th - 2003 [presented in 2004]

*Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World [Peter Weir] - Russell Boyd

Cidade de Deus/City of God [Fernando Meirelles & Kátia Lund] - César Charlone

Cold Mountain [Anthony Minghella] - John Seale

Girl with a Pearl Earring [Peter Webber] - Eduardo Serra

Seabiscuit [Gary Ross] - John Schwartzman

77th - 2004 [presented in 2005]

*The Aviator [Martin Scorsese] - Robert Richardson

Shi mian mai fu/House of Flying Daggers [Zhang Yimou] - Zhao Xiaoding

The Passion of the Christ [Mel Gibson] - Caleb Deschanel

The Phantom of the Opera [Joel Schumacher] - John Mathieson

Un long dimanche de fiançailles/A Very Long Engagement [Jean-Pierre Jeunet] - Bruno Delbonnel

- Jean-Marie Lavalou, Alain Masseron and David Samuelson received an Academy Award of Merit [statuette] for the engineering and development of the Louma Camera Crane and remote system for motion picture production. [The Louma pioneered a remotely-operated camera head combined with a lightweight and portable modular crane. Its design has proved to be the inspiration for numerous subsequent remote camera systems.]

78th - 2005 [presented in 2006]

*Memoirs of a Geisha [Rob Marshall] - Dion Beebe

Batman Begins [Christopher Nolan] - Wally Pfister

Brokeback Mountain [Ang Lee] - Rodrigo Prieto

Good Night, and Good Luck [George Clooney] - Robert Elswit

The New World [Terrence Malick] - Emmanuel Lubezki

- Garrett Brown received a Scientific and Engineering Award [plaque] for the original concept of the Skycam flying camera system – the first use of 3-D volumetric cable technology for motion picture cinematography. [In creating the first remote-controlled, cable-supported flying camera system, Garrett Brown’s pioneering efforts have influenced all subsequent development in this area of technology.]

79th - 2006 [presented in 2007]

*El laberinto del fauno/Pan's Labyrinth [Guillermo del Toro] - Guillermo Navarro

The Black Dahlia [Brian De Palma] - Vilmos Zsigmond

Children of Men [Alfonso Cuarón] - Emmanuel Lubezki

The Illusionist [Neil Burger] - Dick Pope

The Prestige [Christopher Nolan] - Wally Pfister

- Klemens Kehrer, Josef Handler, Thomas Smidek and Marc Shipman Mueller received a Technical Achievement Award [certificate] for the design and development of the Arriflex 235 Camera System. [Designed for handheld photography, the features of this small, lightweight MOS camera also allow it to be used as a secondary production camera.]

80th - 2007 [presented in 2008]

*There Will Be Blood [Paul Thomas Anderson] - Robert Elswit

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford [Andrew Dominik] - Roger Deakins

Atonement [Joe Wright] - Seamus McGarvey

No Country for Old Men [Ethan & Joel Coen] - Roger Deakins

Le scaphandre et le papillon [Julian Schnabel] - Janusz Kaminski